Chained Together All Wings Guide

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This Chained Together All Wings guide will explain how to get every pair of wings available. The Co-Op platformer has randomly emerged as one of the most popular titles of the entire year with it proving to be a hit with the player base on Steam.

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Chained Together All Wings Walkthrough

In all, there are 10 different pairs of wings to collect throughout the game. I will be discussing all 10 individually so you have the best chance to find them.

Wings 1

At the very beginning of the game when you spawn in, head right toward a burning torch.

Wings 2

At the 500 metre mark enter the fort and make your way up the first set of stairs. The wings will be directly under the big chandelier.

Wings 3

Make your way up the pipes at 600 metres until you find a Red Vending machine, Stand atop the vending machine and turn north, you should see the wings up against a wall.

Wings 4

This is a hidden wing that the game tries to keep away from the player. At approximately 1200 meters there is a greyed building with graffiti on it. Go inside this building and through the second opening.

Follow the path until you see some noticeable rubble at a purple light, go behind this and the wings should be in the corner.

Wings 5

Just above the previous section there will be two round fans between buildings. Stand in front of the one on the left so it can blow you towards the nearby building. Climb the ledge here and you’ll find the 5th wing.

Wings 6

During the section of windmills at the 1600 metre level there is a very obvious wing located on a platform made of bags, just jump to it and collect the wing.

Wings 7

There’s a bit of a gap as you have to make it to 2,100 metres where things have gotten very stoney. There’s a wing on a platform just off to the side of one of the crossings.

Wings 8

At 2700 metres on top of the Chinese Pavillions. Go to the other side after getting on top.

Wings 9

At 3,100 metres while crossing the broken bridge you have to climb the ladder and bounce off the drum to collect the wing. This one almost requires a guide as noticing the golden glint on the drum really requires you to pay attention to it.

Wings 10

The final pair of wings is located in the Large Courtyard just across from the pond at 3300 metres. It’s hidden a bit behind some bushes on the right hand side but it’s easy to find.

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That is all for this Chained Together All Wings guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Chained Together content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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