Slot-Managing Roguelike ‘RP7’ Reveals an All-New Gameplay Trailer

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RP7, the exceptionally cute slot-managing roguelike developed by Turtle Cream and published by IndieArk, enchants a new type of dungeon crawler today with the reveal of an all-new gameplay trailer depicting the core gameplay loop, multiple character classes, boss battles, and more. A new demo of the game is available today on Steam.

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RP7 Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

In RP7, storytelling and gameplay take on a new and unexpected form. Instead of character control, you can roll seven random encounter slots to create your character’s unique story. Roll and re-roll each step of your journey as you plan ahead. With one simple mechanic, you’ll experience infinite RPG gameplay and fresh scenarios with each run. Fight monsters, gather gold and treasure, build your loadout, and find your missing pet frog!

RP7 began with the idea of creating a game that subverts standard controls. If you only look at your fingers, it doesn’t look like you’re playing a game,” said Sun Park, Team Leader and Creative Director of Turtle Cream. “It tears down the familiarity of other dungeon crawler roguelikes and creates a very unfamiliar experience, but it’s a lot of fun when you master it.”

RP7 boasts a unique control method with all inputs done on a single row of your keyboard, stretched out horizontally like the buttons on a slot machine. Your character moves forward automatically, it’s up to you to plan ahead and choose the slots that will have an impact on your character. Choose to fight or defend, heal, or gather useful items as your character charges forward and reacts to your inputs.

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Key Features of RP7

  • Spin the Slots to Beat the Odds: Your quest unfolds on 7 slot machine-style spin slots. Move your 7 characters through perilous paths to challenge the various monsters and bosses, and unlock new content in 7 randomized levels. How far can Lady Luck take you? Will you roll treasure or treachery? Face a new challenge with each push of the button.

  • Quick Plans of Action: Come up with different strategies for each character class on the spot. Should you risk it to get gold and equipment? Or play it safe and restore your HP and shields? Make a decision, and fast!

  • Level Up to Unlock New Content: Keep unlocking new monsters and equipment in each unique game. Use your newfound abilities to challenge the various enemies and come out on top.

  • Random Encounters: Meet different NPCs who help you in your quest, or complete their challenges to gain an edge in the game.

RP7’s core gameplay revolves around the number 7. There are seven stages generated in a semi-random manner, seven playable characters with unique abilities, and seven slots for you to arrange as your character pushes forward. It also boasts over 200 distinctive items to collect, over 60 varieties of monsters to encounter, and over 20 boss types to defeat. With careful planning and a bit of luck, you may defeat each boss and rescue your lost pet frog.

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