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Like MLB: 23. MLB The Show gives the player control over the finer details of their gameplay batting stance, hitting interface, PCI settings, and everything else left up to the discretion of the user. This time around, I’ll be looking at the Best Batting Stance to use in MLB The Show 24.

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Best Batting Stance in MLB The Show 24

Batting Stance settings can be defaulted to any one of a number of iconic batters from the MLB. No one is better than the other so pick your favourite of:

  • Legend Stance 7
  • Cody Bellinger
  • Mike Trout
  • Shohei Ohtani

From here it is time to fine-tune your swing a bit further.

Hand Offset X/Y/Z

This one will require some adjusting based on your own style of play. Offset X should be lowered if you tend to swing late, but higher it if you tend to swing early, these changes will mitigate the timing difference.

For hand offset Y change it based on your difficulty with pitch height. Lower Y will make it easier to hit low zone pitches, higher Y makes it easier to hit high zone pitches.

Hand Offset Z is another one to adjust based on your own struggles. Lower Z works for outside pitches, but higher Z helps for inside pitches.

Hand Rotation and Hand Waggle also impact the high or low pitches but in the opposite way of Offset Y so if you set offset Y low, set this high, and vice versa.


Back Elbow Offset is one of the big ones that’ll need to be perfected. Lowering it will improve contact swings for accuracy to ensure a good hit, rising it will improve power and makes home runs more likely.

Front Elbow Offset once again covers lower or higher pitches based on the value. Low value helps low pitches, high value helps higher pitches.

Hips Offset X is a reverse of Hand Offset X  so if you went low, go high now.

Hips Offset Y is the same as Hand Rotation/Waggle so copy that value

Hips Offset Z is your second chance to improve inside/outside hits. Lowering the value helps combat inside pitches, highering it helps with outside pitches.

Foot Offset

Foot Offset Z is our last unique setting. Raising it will push hits more and lowering it will pull hits, this is another one to adjust based on your own pitching style.

Foot Offset X can be lowered to improve contact on late swings and raised to improve contact on early swings.

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That is all for this article on Best Batting Stance in MLB The Show 24. Did we omit anything? Is there any other MLB The Show 24 content you’d like to see from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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