Top 5 Video Games Made by European Developers

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While gaming is dominated by major names like EA Sports, 2K interactive, and Activision Blizzard, it would be a dangerous precedent to forget the talent and contributions of European developers to the gaming sphere. In this article, we will be looking at the top 5 video games that are made by European devs and what makes them so good.

Top 5 Video Games from European Developers

Football Manager

Made by English studio Sports Interactive, football manager has become one of the most well-known management simulation games in the entire sporting world. The annual releases are snapped up by an eager fanbase ready to push the ever evolving match engine and mechanics to their limits.

FM’s depth when it comes to talent databases is second to none allowing people to take charge of leagues all over the world, each with their own true-to-life rulesets, financial situations, and cultures.

While you can’t bet on the outcomes of FM games, like you can with Betiton Ireland Casino Welcome Bonus, they offer a realistic management simulation title for fans of the beautiful game for everyone to delve into.

Grand Theft Auto

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Your favourite GTA game was likely credited to Dudee/Edinburgh based Rockstar North despite being published by the Ameircan Rockstar Games company.

GTA has become one of the most well known video game franchises in the world thanks to its open world action gameplay and crude vioence that appeals to a wide demographic of players.

With the massive success of the fifth installment and the huge announcement of a sixth game, this is going to remain at or near the top of any success list for European Developers.


Sadly this a series that is unknown to many as it released in the 2000s as an Xbox exclusive. It was developed by Lionhead Studio from the UK and had some incredible mechanics that stand the test of time.

For an open world RPG it felt very lived in, with the player having free reign to do a lot of stuff, many of which could come back to have long term impacts. It was a game so free, you could even have children!!

It has a business owner/landlord aspect that made for a fun distraction from the action gameplay but gave you some added rewards for exploring and earning more money, which could in turn let you buy another spot.

To this day, people are awaiting a reboot of the series, or just another installment, even if Lionhead Studios are no longer working with the series at all. Here’s hoping this game gets another chance to break into the gaming world’s eyes as it was and still is a great time.

The Witcher

Developed by Polish group CD Projekt Red, The Witcher, and specifically The Witcher 3 is a well respected RPG series. The third installment blew people away with a huge open world, excellent fighting mechanics, and a theme of exploration that few games have been able to match.

Many open world games would struggle to have the kind of depth of exploration available in The Witcher 3. Despite this massive size, it also gained some notoriety for being visually stunning.

Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate 3 was a smash hit after releasing in August for Belgian devs Larian Studios.  It gives you the full dungeons and dragons experience in an RPG setting, you have the freedom to create whatever character you want, take them through a compelling narrative, and spill lots and lots of blood along the way.

This might be the quintessential RPG experience for any fans of the genre and it comes courtesy of a European developer who didn’t even make the first two installments, this is the effort and care put in by an adopted studio which makes it all the better.


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