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This Dungeons of Sundaria Classes guide will set out and explain the different traits of each class in the game. Dungeons of Sundaria has just made its official launch from Beta to full release over on Steam so be sure to check it out.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

Dungeons of Sundaria Classes


The Champion class is a tank-style brute that uses one-handed weapons and shields to do damage. It can also use massive two handed weapons like axes, its highest stat will always be attacking power.

Weapon Bonuses

  • When Using a Shield: +10% attack power, +20% attack speed, +5% armor
  • When Using a Two Handed Weapon: +25% melee power, + critical damage 15%, +30 armor penetration, -5% armor

Warrior Abilities by Level

  1. Slash, Charge, Upheaval, Bind Wounds
  2. Shied Bash, Might Blow
  3. Shield Throw, Cleave
  4. Skin of Stone
  5. Cull the Weak
  6. Aggression
  7. Unstoppable

15. Blessing of Might, Brutal Strike


The Cleric class is a well-rounded set that can heal and even revive allies. It can shield with magical barriers and deal holy damage at range. Their most powerful stat will always be spell power and like the Champion they can wield one-handed and sword or two handed stronger weapons.

Weapon Bonuses

When Using a Shield: +15% Spell Power, +15% Attack Speed, +15% Armor, melee power increased by 25% of spell power

When Using a two-handed weapon: +25% spell power, +15% critical damage, +30 Spell Penetration, -5% armor, Melee power increased by 50% of spell power


As the name suggests this class specialises in long-range offense and gets into bigger danger at melee combat. In this game, rangers can also debuff enemy units. Their primary stat is ranged power.

Weapon Bonus

When using a Two Handed Weapon: +25% attack power, +15% critical damage, Spell Penetration increased by 30, -5% armor

When Dual Wielding: +35% attack speed, +5% critical chance

When Using a Shield: +25% attack speed, +5% critical chance, +10% armor

Ranger Abilities by Level

  1. Aim Shot, Poison Arrow, Rapid Fire, Healing Vapors
  2. Salvo
  3. Paralyzing Shot
  4. Deadly Shot
  5. Blight Arrow
  6. Toxic Arrow
  7. Ranger’s Flask


The Rogue class is a close combat specialist who uses stealth to deal damage in high bursts. They dual-wield to make the most of their window of opportunity. Their strongest stat will always be Attack Power.

Weapon Bonus

When Dual Wielding: +10% melee attack power, +35% attack speed, +5% critical chance, +15% critical damage

Rogue Abilities by Level

  1. Eviscerate, Tomahawk, Shadow Mend, Stealth
  2. Backstab
  3. Phase Port
  4. Assassinate
  5. Phased Carnage
  6. Phantom Strike, Killing Spree
  7. Shadow Cloak

15. Vampiric Blades


The Wizard class deals magical damage from long range, it has large AoE impacts that deal damage to an array of enemies. They can use one-handed wands or sphere’s to attack or two-handed staffs with more damage and less speed. The main stat will always be Spell Power.

Weapon Bonus

When Using Orb: +15% spell power, +5% critical chance, +10% critical damage

When Using Two-Handed Weapon: +25% spell power, -5% armor

Wizard Abilities by Level

  1. Fireball, Magic Missiles, Chaos Orb, Cauterize
  2. Cone of Fire
  3. Sleep
  4. Flame Blast
  5. Meteor
  6. Ember Lance
  7. Flame Blast

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That is all for this Dungeons of Sundaria classes guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Dungeons of Sundaria content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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