First Major Content Update Available for These Doomed Isles

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 Prepare for a season of holiday havoc and discover all-new ways to play in the first major content update for roguelike city builder These Doomed Isles, available to download today.

Survive a winter wonderland of holiday horrors and defend your townsfolk from festive fiends in the new ‘Krampus Chaos’ mode, a holiday horde mode available to play in-game until January 4th. Fend off attacks from Snowmen, Elves, Christmas Tree Fairies and more as you attempt to prevent Krampus from ruining the festivities in this challenging seasonal survival mode.

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Prefer to relax over the holidays? Chill out and build new worlds at your own pace with three permanent new game modes: Builder Mode, Sandbox Mode and Custom Mode.

  • BUILDER MODE – Build your settlement and experience These Doomed Isles without the threat of invasions or triggering events in this passive new game mode.
  • SANDBOX MODE – Create the ultimate utopia in Sandbox Mode, where cards and buildings are completely free to buy and build. Followers won’t starve or leave due to unhappiness, and you won’t face invasions or trigger events.
  • CUSTOM MODE – Customise each run, test new strategies, modify each gameplay variable and play the way you want in the new Custom Mode.

Available now on Steam Early AccessThese Doomed Isles is a survival city builder with strategic roguelike deckbuilding mechanics. Become a god, create a new world and defend your civilization from raiders, natural disasters and mythical monstrosities.

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Forge new lands, build settlements and lead your civilization to victory in strategic run-based gameplay. Craft your deck of cards to discover powerful combinations capable of bringing your followers bountiful harvests or raining devastation down upon your enemies.

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Play as 3 powerful gods, each with their own playstyle, cards, abilities, aesthetics and enemies to beat, including Cernunnos, the Celtic god of nature; Plutus, the Greek god of wealth; and Acan, the Mayan god of wine. Make use of powerful cards to answer your followers’ prayers and help them survive. Build them homes, protect them from attacks and perfect your strategies across increasingly challenging Ascension levels to reign victorious.


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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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