Football Manager 2024 vs Football Manager 2023: What is new this year?

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Football Manager is a hugely popular video game series that has continued to be widely enjoyed by football fans all over the world. It has allowed supporters to be able to be thrown into the hot seat as they look to try and guide their favorite team to glory or take a club from the bottom of the football pyramid to the pinnacle of the sport.

It is a game that has managed to grow in terms of player numbers with each year, despite having been in existence for numerous years. According to research, the latest instalment had managed to break records, as it had a player count that tipped over the 5-million point.

One of the biggest reasons behind its success is the continual improvements and development of new features that Sports Interactive continue to add with each version. While there may not always be huge changes, if you look under the surface, there is always something that has been improved and modified further.

That is no different with the launch of Football Manager 2024 on the horizon, as there have already been a number of upgrades made available that were not available in last year’s edition of the game.

Enjoy Saves From Previous Games

There are always bitter-sweet emotions that can be experienced when a new release is made. While it can be joyous as we get to play with the latest squads, and player attributes will become more in line with what had happened over the last 12 months, giving up on a save that you spend numerous hours on can be upsetting.

Imagine you get your favorite team from the bottom of the football ladder and make them the best team in the country or continent, and you have to give all that up if you want the new version. Or, if you discover a re-gen that has incredible stats that will never be found again.

That is no longer a problem in Football Manager 2024 as Sports Interactive has revealed that players will be able to transfer their data from their saves across Football Manager 2023, Football Manager 2023 Console or Football Manager 2023 Touch to the newest version of the game regardless of where they are in it. Football Manager 2024 Mobile will not support this feature, but all other versions will.

Improved Tactics and Game Plans

A big part of football and being a manager will be about setting the right tactics and formations in order to execute the game plan that has been designed. If a manager gets these wrong, their team is likely to suffer on the pitch.

Fans recognize the importance of the tactics and those who continually watch their teams with betting as a way of enhancing their enjoyment adopt their own to ensure they are able to maximize their chances of winning. Once they have devised the strategy that they want to use, they can use the build your bet promotion to try and get the best possible outcome.

As a result, the game has made sure that these are just as vital as they are in real life, thus helping to keep the parallel between reality and gaming. Sports Interactive have added new features and tweaks to the existing options as they bring this aspect even closer to reality as they have done in the past.

Playable Japanese Football Leagues

Perhaps one of the more notable modifications to have been made in Football Manager 2024 is the inclusion of all of Japan’s football leagues. The J1, J2, and J3 will all be playable this year, with it being a huge change as it can be rare for new leagues to be added. A lot of research and data is required to ensure they are as accurate and realistic as possible.

We could see more leagues become available in the future, but for now, it may be worth a trip to Japan to see if you can find new hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered.

Transfers Have Been Revolutionized

Transfers are a big part of Football Manager, and the upcoming edition has helped to transform them in a new way with two new major features. The first is through the usage of negative transfer budgets.

Before, players would see a bid blocked if they did not have enough funds to complete a deal. Now, they will be able to overspend to complete the deal that they want. The club’s board will put in warnings, though, as they will highlight those players need to be sold or other revenue will need to be generated to balance the books. If this is not achieved in a certain time period, the board may look to sell players on your behalf.

The other improvement to transfers that have been made is in regard to selling players. There are new ways that are available to managers, with them able to use agents and other intermediaries that can help them get them out the door when they are no longer wanted or finances need to be raised.

There is a digital TransferRoom that has also been included, which is a service that replicates what clubs in the real world are able to use to find new players that are transfer listed or made available for loan.


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