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This Disgaea 7 Trophy guide will list all of the available trophies in the game and detail how to get them. Most are simple enough but some others will take some added work. With this guide I’ll prep you on how to get every trophy in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless.

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Disgaea 7 Trophy Guide & Walkthrough

  • Nippon Ichi 100% Percenter – Obtain all other trophies
  • Contract Entered – Clear Ep.1
  • Shogun Slighted – Clear Ep. 2
  • Sardine Search – Clear Ep. 3
  • Zesshosai Found – Clear Ep. 4
  • Evening The Odds – Clear ep. 5
  • Reseller Review – Clear Ep. 6
  • Haunt Spring Break? – Clear Ep. 7
  • Empty Ewwdo – Clear Ep. 8
  • Infernal Truth – Clear Ep. 9
  • Amnesia Averted – Clear Ep. 10
  • Opening Showdown – Clear Ep. 11
  • Fathers and Sons – Clear Ep. 12
  • Unlucky Thirteen – Clear Ep. 13
  • Fathers and Daughters – Clear Ep. 14
  • Lucky Seven – Clear Final Ep.
  • Angels and Demons – Clear Postlude: Atonement
  • Let the Past Lie – Clear Postlude: Reminiscence
  • Generation Zessho – Clear Postlude: Zessho
  • The Path to Carnage – Unlock the Carnage Dimension
  • Super Jumper – Jump over 1,000 times at the base or elsewhere
  • Pardon Me – Ride on character’s head 100 times at the base or elsewhere
  • Good Faith? – Make a million HL or more good faith payment at the Dark Assembly
  • Kill your Besties – Add character to a party through battle
  • Overlord – Achieve total victory in Demon Shogi
  • Hall of Famer – Complete the Hinomoto Martial Arts tournament
  • Mandatory Repo – Open all treasure chests while Netherworld Sightseeing
  • Rosen Queen Regular – Achieve top customer rank at the Rosen Queen Co.
  • Another! – Use the juice bar over 50 times
  • Demonic Intelligentsia – Perform a Demonic Intelligence edit
  • Come Back Stronger – Reincarnate over 10 times
  • Not Just for Kids – Complete the Evil-Gacha at the Netherworld Hospital
  • Prescription Medication – Get all wickedhancements at the Netherworld Hospital
  • Research, Dood? – Perform Item World research over 100 times
  • Legendary Scout – Perform character scouting over 20 times
  • Honored Heirloom – Reincarnate one item over 10 times
  • Trophy Received – Accept a bill that lets you receive a trophy
  • Geo Master – Completely clear a 5 or more Geo Chain
  • Smackdown! – Achieve a combo of 20
  • Mission Complete – Achieve all stage missions simultaneously
  • And Then There Were None – Deal 10 billion or more damage
  • Crushed to Death – Defeat 100 enemies with Jumbified
  • Samurai Soul – Defeat 100 enemies while attacking in hell mode
  • Place of Employment – Unlock all generic classes
  • Pirinomics – Held HL Surpasses 10 billion
  • Supreme Ultimate Item – Obtain an item with ‘Epic’ Rarity
  • Into Legend – Obtain a legendary weapon
  • Max Level? – Reach level 99
  • Extreme Level – Reach Level 9,999
  • Breakneck Backstage – Skip 100 battles with Skip Playthrough

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That is all for this Disgaea 7 Trophy guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Disgaea 7 content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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