Disgaea 7 Unlock All Classes Guide

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This Disgaea 7 Unlock all classes guide will detail how to unlock all of the available classes in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless as most can be gained through playing the story but others might take some work.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

Disgaea 7 Unlock All Classes Walkthrough

  • Ranger & Archer – Complete ‘On the Hunt’ – Have a character with Level 5 Bow Mastery
  • Gunner & Gunslinger – Complete ‘Picking a Partner’ – Have a character with Level 5 Gun Mastery
  • Ninja & Kunoichi – Complete ‘Ninja Nite’ – Pay 5,000 HL
  • Male Samurai & Lady Samurai – Complete ‘Loyal Blade’- Have a Rank 2 Warrior or Valkyrie AND a Level 2 Archer or Ranger in your party
  • Male Armor Knight & Female Armor Knight- Complete ‘Worthy of Guarding’ – Hand in a piece of armor with a DEF score of at least 300
  • Sorceror – Complete ‘Sorceror’s Apprentice’ – Get hit 100 times after accepting the quest
  • Maiko – Complete ‘Maiko Green Room’ by turning in an Angel Cake
  • Magic Knight- COmplete ‘Magical Warrior’ – turn in 1,000 mana juice from the juice bar
  • Psychic – Complete ‘Psychic Squadron’ – Turn in a gun with HIT of at least 300
  • Professor – Complete ‘Questing 101’ – Turn in eyeglasses with INT of at least 300
  • Mecha Girl – Complete ‘Robot Army’ – Have rank 4 Samurai, Armor Knight & Psychic
  • Celestial Hostess – Complete ‘Heavenly Hostess’ – Have rank 4 Sorcerer, Maiko & Professor
  • Felynn – Complete ‘Felynn Frisky’ – Have a monster unit with Rank 5 Attack Monster Weapon mastery
  • Sea Angel – Complete ‘Living Conditions’ – Turn in 10 healing items
  • Flora Beast – Complete ‘Flora and the Beast’ – Turn in 10 SP extracts from the juice bar
  • Zombie Maiden – Complete ‘Leap of Faith’ – Defeat 100 enemies after accepting the quest
  • Succubus – Complete ‘Seductive Demon’ – Turn in a Strange Feelers weapon that is rare or better
  • Evil Eye – Complete ‘Evil Eye Elite’ – turn in a secret scroll
  • Horseman – Complete ‘Promised Spear’ – turn in a spear with Legendary rarity
  • Dragon – Complete ‘Treasure & Dragons’ – Defeat a Level 100 dragon
  • Pincer Shell – Complete ‘Pincer Shells United’ – Turn in premium crab brains
  • Rifle Demon – Complete ‘Target Practice’ – have any unit that is at least level 100
  • Big Eye – Complete ‘Eye on the Prize’

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That is all for this Disgaea 7 unlock all classes guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Disgaea 7 content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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