Paleo Pines Styracosaurus Guide

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In this Paleo Pines Styracosaurus guide, I will be detailing how to befriend the creature as part of one of the game’s missions. This dino-focused simulator is one of the most unique games to release in recent weeks and has earned solid reviews over on Steam.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

Styracosaurus Guide for Paleo Pines


Speaking to Mari is an important part of befriending a Styracosaurus. You can try to befriend one with a crunchy Poppin but you’ll soon find out that this particular dino doesn’t like crunchy foods.

Speaking to Mari will inform the player of different types of Poppins that can be purchased from Pippin, including the Juicy Poppin. This is the exact type of food needed to tame the dino.

Befriend the Styracosaurus

Proceed as normal by taking out your flute and following the provided prompts, playing the dino’s call back to it as you aim to balance the meter and both mellow out the dinosaur while also keeping it from getting too excited.

When the needle hits the green section the Styracosaurus will be at an optimal point to befriend at which point you should feed it the Juicy Poppin to earn its trust. You should get a prompt to say it trusts you, allowing you to pet it and bring it home.

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That is all for this Paleo Pines Styracosaurus Guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Paleo Pines content you’d like to see from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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