Jagged Alliance 3 Pirate Gold Quest Guide

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This Jagged Alliance 3 Pirate Gold quest guide aims to detail how to best navigate one of the more difficult missions in the game. The title recently launched on Steam to strong reviews. This guide will discuss the dialogue options as well as the best ways to get through the mission.

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Pirate Gold Quest Walkthrough

After receiving the quest from Father Tooker you will have to go and defeat some Legion Soldiers. If possible sneak up to their location and weaken them with an explosive, if that isn’t possible they should be relatively easy to defeat in battle as they aren’t the main enemy of the mission.

After defeating them interact with the magnifying glass and white marks in the sand to receive the ambush locations of the restless spirit.

Send a merc to each ambush spot and defeat this enemy before returning to Father Tooker. This will prompt some dialogue with different options. You can be honest with Tooker and tell him about the treasure to receive some loyalty, EXP and positive reception from your Mercs.

If you don’t talk to him or lie to him about the treasure you can instead interact with the statue where you’ll have three option:

  • We’re Gathering Evidence – best option, allows you to take the treasure with no negative repercussions but only works if you have a merc containing the Scoundrel perk
  • It’s Ours now – Worst option, decreases loyalty and upsets mercs
  • Here, it’s yours: solid option, you don’t get the treasure but you gain loyalty and your mercs will be happy

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That is all for this Jagged Alliance 3 Pirate Gold quest guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other JA3 content you’d like to see from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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