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This Halls of Torment Items guide aims to be your go-to for information on each item that can be found and equipped in Halls of Torment (currently available on Steam via early access). It will be broken down based on where the item can be worn, we will be sure to note effects and cost as well.

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Halls of Torment Items


Bogged Boots:

  • Leaves a trail of good behind
  • Enemies slow down in the goo
  • Cost: 4000

Electrostatic Treads:

  • Charges while moving
  • Emits an electric shockwave when fully charged

Cost: 8000

Elven Slippers:

  • Increases Block Strength by moving

Cost: 4000

Firewalker Boots:

  • Leaves behind a trail of fire
  • Trail has a chance to leave burn on enemies

Cost: 8000

Pace Setter:

  • When not moving you regain 1 health per second

Cost: 4000

Plated Boots:

  • +3 Defense

Cost: 2000

Runner Shoes:

  • +15% Movement Speed

Spike Boots:

  • When hit you drop 10 spikes on the ground
  • Spikes deal 100 damage to enemies on contact


Blazing Shell:

  • +6 Block Strength
  • 50% chance of burning enemies that touch you

Cost: 8000

Blood-Soaked Armor:

  • Killing enemies has a 3% chance of regaining 1 health point

Cost: 5000

Chain Mail:

  • +10% health capacity
  • +3 defense

Cost: 2000

Defiant Plate:

  • Gain 3 Defense for 5 seconds after taking damage
  • Limits defense to 30

Cost: 7000

Hunter’s Garb:

  • Standing still makes damage increase by 8% per second (max of 40)
  • Bonus rests upon movement

Cost: 6000

Plate Armor:

  • +6 block
  • Cost: 2000

Shadow Cloak:

  • Spawns shadows that damage enemies

Cost: 5000


Devouring Hands:

  • Upon death the Devouring Hands will consume an item to revive you

Cost: 10000

Fencer Gauntlets:

  • Blocking gives a 50% chance for an additional attack that guarantees a critical hit
  • +5 Block Strength

Cost: 5000

Hunting Gloves

  • +30% Additional Strike/Projectiles

Cost: 3500

Invocator’s Grasp:

  • +40% Summon Spawns
  • +40% Summon Duration
  • +20% Summon Damage

Cost: 6500

Longfinger Gloves:

  • +80% pickup range

Cost: 2000

Quickhand Glove:

  • +20% Attack Speed

Cost: 2000

Sparking Tips:

  • Hitting burned enemies fires spark damage projectiles

Cost: 4000

Spellcaster Gloves:

  • Not using your main attack for 2 seconds increases ability strength (max 66%)
  • Cost: 6660


  • Deals a critical hit any time you take damage

Cost: 3000


Fighter’s Headband:

  • Killing a boss or elite activates health regeneration for 60 seconds (1%/second)

Cost: 3000

Gorgon’s Mask:

  • Looking at enemies slows them

Cost: 5000


  • +3 Defense
  • +3 Block Strength

Cost: 2000


  • +12% Health Capacity
  • +2 Defense

Cost: 2000

Ruby Circlet:

  • 4% additional damage for each burning enemy (max 60%)

Cost: 8000

War Horns:

  • Performing a war cry weakens enemy

Cost 4000

Wind Crown:

  • 5 seconds of+1% Attack speed for each enemy killed (max 50%)

Cost: 7000


Blood Catcher:

  • Dealing 100x your maximum damage regenerates 1 HP

Cost: 6000

Collar of Confidence:

  • +5% damage for every enemy in pickup range


Duelist’s Spark:

  • +50% damage
  • -5% damage for every enemy in pickup range

Cost: 8000

Gatherer’s Charm:

  • Helps locate ingredients
  • +10% movement speed

Cost: none

Jade Amulett:

  • +50% XP Gain

Cost: 5000

Maiden’s Tear:

  • Regenerates 10% health instead of taking damage
  • 90 second recharge

Cost: 5000

Scars of Toil:

  • +0.07% damage for each missing health point

Cost: 6500

Warrior’s Fervour:

  • Picking up a potion adds 15 second rage buff (100% attack speed & damage)
  • Takes 60 second to recharge

Cost: 4000


Copper Ring:

  • Increase base critical damage by 40%

Cost: 2500

Demonic Band:

  • Summon an imp every 5 seconds
  • Max of 5 summons at a time

Cost: 5000

Echoing Band:

  • Damaging an enemy has a 20% chance of causing splash damage (40% of the hit damage)

Cost: 8000

Guiding Star:

  • While Attacking
    • +40% attacking speed
    • -30% movement speed
  • While Moving
    • -30% attack speed
    • +40% movement speed

Cost: 6000

Iron Ring:

  • +10 base attack damage

Cost: 4000

Necromancers Clutch:

  • Summons a skeleton to fight every 15 seconds
  • Maximum 5 summons at a time

Cost: 5000

Ring of Fire:

  • Transforms weapon damage type to fire with 15% chance of burning enemies

Cost: 5000

Pest Ring:

  • Summons a rat every 2 seconds
  • Rats bite 10 enemies and apply debuffs at random

Cost: 3500

Ring of Thunder:

  • Transforms weapon damage type to electric with 15% chance of electrifying enemies

Cost: 5500

Seal of Rebirth:

  • Upon death, the seal breaks and revives you

Cost: 10000

Wooden Ring:

  • +10% base crit chance

Cost: 2500

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That is all for this Halls of Torment Items guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other HoT content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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