Orcs Must Die 3 Best Traps Guide

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This Orcs Must Die 3 best traps guide will run down the best traps to use in the hit tower defence title from 2021. Strategic games like this require a keen understanding of every tool at your disposal which is why I have put together this guide on the best traps.

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Orcs Must Die 3 Best Traps


As you may expect the defensive barrier is the best possible trap you can set in this tower defense game. When fully upgraded it can delay opposition units enough or you to pick them all off with little to no fuss.


This is an offensive trap that has a short cooldown time but deals a good amount of damage. Some stronger enemies won’t be effected too much by this but it is great for taking out easier enemies to reduce the ferocity of the wave of enemy units.

Arrow Wall

We love high DPS items in a tower defence game! The arrow wall is the best trap to set to deal damage to enemies especially as you level it up, adding to the damage dealt and the effects dealt by the arrows. This is an essential offensive trap to set if you want to get a victory.

Flip Trap

In a game where hordes of enemies are often baring down on you, it is essential for you to create separation in any way possible. The Flip Trap is the best trap for giving yourself more time to defeat enemies as it sends all kind of units backwards, potentially into the arms of a trap to take care of them before they become a problem.

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That is all for this Orcs Must Die 3 best traps guide. Is there anything you think should be on here? Did we leave anything out? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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