Planet of Lana Achievements Walkthrough (Shrines, Achievements)

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This Planet of Lana Achievements walkthrough will detail how to get the base achievements and the secret shrine achievements with a particular focus on the shrines, as most other achievements can be acquired through the normal course of gameplay. Without further ado, let’s get into his guide.

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Planet of Lana Achievements Walkthrough

Chapter 1

Achievement 1 Sneaky Sisters: Pretty straightforward just sneak past the chef

Achievement 2 The Journey Begins: Survive the invasion in Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Secret Shrine 1: In this chapter, you’ll come to a section where a boar walks off a cliff. Under this ledge is the first secret shrine.

Achievement 3 A New Friend: Rescue Mui

Chapter 3

Achievement 4 It Purrs: Pet Mui at the start of the chapter

Secret Shrine 2: Before entering the puzzle area with the unmoveable cage make your way up through the cave above your entry point to find the shrine. Climb up and head backwards to find the shrine

Secret Shrine 3: At the penultimate puzzle head towards a cave blocked off by wooden planks. Remove the lower planks and enter the cave before heading up to the box and using that to climb to another cave on your left which contains the shrine.

Chapter 4

Secret Shrine 4: This is located at the very beginning of the chapter. Go backwards through a small opening and head up towards a glowing mark

Achievement 5 A Key from the Past: Gaines through gameplay and grants Mui hypnotic abilities

Chapter 5

Secret Shrine 5: Located in a hidden cave next to a swinging rope, the ledge isn’t easily visible but can be accessed

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Chapter 6

Secret Shrine 6: At the beginning of the swamp there is a platforming section with a cave hidden underneath containing the next shrine.

Secret Shrine 7: There will be some platforms leading down to a body of water that isn’t too high. Go backwards in this water and you’ll find a cave that’s partially underwater containing the seventh shrine

Achievement 6 A Trace from The Past: Find the ship to complete the chapter and and unlock the achievement

Chapter 7

Achievement 7 In Control: Completed when you gain the power to control robots

Chapter 9

Secret Shrine 8: At the start of the level go back through the water instead of forward

Secret Shrine 9: Take control of the drone and head up until you see a platform you can jump onto

Achievement 8 We’ve Made it This Far: Finish Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Secret Shrine 10: Use the giant magne to trap the drone and maneuver the platforms to get up to the top left where the shrine is found

Achievement 9 A Trace of the Past: Unlocked for finding all 10 shrines

Chaper 11

Achievement 10 Close Call: Complete the chapter

Chapter 12

Achievement 11 Point of No Return: Find a way into the ship without being discovered

Achievement 12: Back Together!: Solve the puzzle to rescue Mui

Chapter 13

Achievement 13 Home at Last: Return Lana to her home with Mui

Achievement 14 Flawless: Complete each chapter without dying, each chapter tracks deaths individually so you only have to complete each one without a death instead of replaying the entire game and not dying.

Achievement 15 100%: Beat each chapter without dying and find every secret shrine while completing every other achievement.

That is all for our Planet of Lana achievements walkthrough. Did we omit anything? Is there any other PoL content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know

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