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The Outlast Trials Best Rig

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The Outlast Trials takes us back to the chaotic horrifying world of Outlast, this time in a slightly different style. This time around instead of a found footage style solo adventure the game can be experienced in co-op with a bit more freedom in gameplay. In this article I will be looking at the best rig in the Outlast Trials to help you survive.

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Best Rig in The Outlast Trials

Rigs can be used at any point in your playthrough once unlocked and offer a wide array of benefits based on which one is chosen. There are four different rigs in game which are:

Each one has a different use and benefit which are outlined in the name, they don’t get more complicated or offer added benefits outside of what’s in the name.

The best rig to choose in The Outlast Trials based on our experience is the heal rig. Restoring health in a pinch is absolutely OP to offer any gamer but Outlast offers us that chance with the heal rig. At more upgraded levels it becomes very powerful healing element for you and your teammates that can help you succeed in sticky situations.

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That is all for our look at the best rig in the Outlast Trials. Did we omit anything? Would you like any more content on TOT from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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