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Advance Wars Reboot: 1+2 Reboot has released on the Nintendo Switch and with it we have seen a wave of new fans playing the games. In this article, I have decided to put together an Advance Wars 1 missions guide to list out and seperate each mission in the game.

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Advance Wars 1 Missions List

Field Training

  1. Troop Orders
  2. Terrain Intel
  3. Base Capture
  4. Unit Repair
  5. APC ABCs
  6. Tank Ops
  7. Copter Tactics
  8. Air Assault
  9. Air Defense
  10. Dogfights
  11. Naval Forces
  12. Climate Status
  13. Fog of War
  14. Special intel

Andy’s Missions

  1. It’s War!
  2. Gunfighter!
  3. Air Ace!
  4. Max Strikes!
  5. Max’s Folly?
  6. Olaf’s Navy
  7. Olaf’s Sea Strike
  8. Captain Drake!
  9. Naval Clash!
  10. Wings of Victory!
  11. Battle Mystery!
  12. The Final Battle!
  13. Rivals!

Max’s Missions

  1. Max Strikes!
  2. Sniper!
  3. Blizzard Battle!
  4. History Lesson!
  5. Captain Drake!
  6. Naval Clash!
  7. Wings of Victory!
  8. Battle Mystery!

Sami’s Missions

  1. Sami’s Debut!
  2. Kanbei Arrives!
  3. Mighty Kanbei!
  4. Kanibei’s Error?
  5. Divide and Conquer!
  6. Sami Marches On!
  7. Sonja’s Goal!
  8. Captain Drake!
  9. Naval Clash!
  10. Wings of Victory!
  11. Battle Mystery

CO Select Missions

  1. Andy Times Two!
  2. Enigma!
  3. The Final Battle!

That is it for our Advance Wars 1 missions guide. We broke up the game’s missions into more digestible chunks based on the character and setting. Hope this helps someone out there to navigate the game’s campaign.

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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