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Wildfrost is a very difficult game, one that can only be made easier by making the best use of the cards available to you. The Steam title has been getting rave reviews for its gameplay and art style. In this article, I will be looking at the best Wildfrost cards to use in your playthrough.

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Best Wilfrost Cards

Bom Barrel

Bom Barrel allows you to do constant, passive damage to enemies as it afflicts them with the Bom status ailment. This becomes especially important late in the game when enemies become much tougher and every hit can be the difference between victory and defeat.


Applying the Ink status ailment on enemies can also be very important to gain a victory. It removes certain abilities for opposition cards that can render them toothless and switch the tides of a battle.


Bitebox has the special ability to send back any damage received when destroyed. If it is destroyed and takes 20 points of damage, it sends all 20 of those right back at the enemy as an exaggerated example. This can be extra useful against some of the heavy hitters late in the game and can dole out a chunk of damage to them.

Azul Battle Axe

This can be your own heavy hitter in a game full of heavy hitting enemies. This can dole out a lot of damage while also building up some status ailments in enemies which you will come to appreciate late in the game.


The sheepopper acts as an agent of chaos. It summons on the oppositions side of the field and won’t attack your team, taking up a valuable space on their side of the field, not only that but it you destroy the sheepopper it deals 8 damage to every card in its row which can wipe out an entire line of enemies cards.

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