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Wartales is an open-world RPG that has come to PC and Steam to much success over the past week. The medieval setting sees you lead a group of mercenaries in search of victory. In this Wartales all classes guide I will be detailing the classes you can choose, their pros and cons, and more.

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Wartales All Classes – Full Walkthrough

Archer – Predictably these are long-range experts who will be vulnerable in close combat. Archers can have poor aim and friendly fire is a thing so preferably use them went here is some distance between enemy units and your units.

Brutes – As the name may suggest these are high-damage, slow-moving, close combat specialists. If given two-handed weapons they can take out a lot of enemies at once but they can be taken down by speedy opposition.

Ranger – Rangers are crafty and good at hand-to-hand combat but can be defeated pretty easily by armored units or ranged units.

Spearman – Spearman have a lot of upside as they are ranged units who can deal large amounts of damage and can even knockback enemy units to create separation for your team. They, like archers, become weaker in close combat as they can only equip so much armor, making them weaker defensively than other units.

Swordsman – The backbone of any army these units can use a sword and shield to fend off enemies and protect the ranged units or they can be all-out attack units who lead the charge. They also have the first aid skill which allows them to heal allies which can come in handy.

Warrior – Similar to swordsman class units these can lead the charge by being the front line of defense or the first line of attack. They can deal major damage making them a great choice to break down defences.

There we have it, this is our Wartales all classes guide!

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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