Heart Warming Gaming Success Has To Make You Smile

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The world of computer gaming has changed dramatically over the last 20 to 30 years and, of course, it is no longer platform, or story arc based and single player, or at best competing against a friend or family member.

You can now compete against multiple people in the same room, and that is before even exploring the world of the internet and competing with complete strangers who reside in other countries, or joining a plethora of other nationalities as you play out a story and a series of tasks in a massively multiplayer online game (MMO’s).

Gaming is now a multi million dollar industry, and with the growth and interest in esports and the potential riches available to talented and dedicated gamers, the phenomenon is clearly not going anywhere.

I am pretty sure that with how big gaming has now become (look at the number of available US casino apps), many of the tournaments available will feature their own betting odds as fans naturally have their own favoured esports teams, and categories and there are probably even longer odds available for those with a bit of patience when it comes to the next evolution of consoles and the experiences they can provide.

Whilst it is said that gaming is open to all ages, the usual picture that most people have is that it is dominated by a largely male, American, under 40’s and it conjures images of headphones and basements. That is clearly not the case though, and whilst most gaming news stories focus on the lucrative financial careers that can now be had, along with gaming reviews, sometimes a story just makes you smile – and in this case it left Mii impressed.

Mainly because it helps disprove all of the inaccurate assumptions that are wrongly made about gamers and just how social an experience it can be, as opposed to the assumed isolation.

So, let us go back to last weekend, let us remember the Nintendo Wii and let us travel to Europe, and France.

An elderly couple – Jeanine (96) and Gilbert (85) decided to enter a Wii Bowling tournament to represent their retirement home. The event, a Wii Bowling local area connection meet (LAN), was hosted by the Gamers Assembly, and they only went and won the thing.

Wii Bowling, as I am sure people will remember, was part of the Wii Sports set of mini games that was often included during purchase to enable families and friends to instantly get up and running with, what was back then, a pretty ground breaking gaming idea, and I cannot be alone in having spent hours playing the games – although personally, bowling was never a strong point for me as sadly I was often a ‘Turkey’ for other reasons.

In the last few days, esports reporter Jake Lucky took to social media to show the wider public the wholesome moment where the elderly pair produced their winning moment – a perfect strike – orchestrated by Jeanine herself and as the pins go down, the crowd go absolutely wild in what is truly an adorable moment.

Predictably, the winning prize was wonderfully styled and presented as a Wii remote coming out of a bowling pin.

It is strange to think that Nintendo moved on so quickly from the true Wii style given the hours of fun I’m sure many still experience, but if news like this does not put a smile on your face, I do not know what will.


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