Sun Haven: How to Catch Searback Guide

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As part of the Summer Fish Tank mission, Sun Haven players are tasked with catching the Searback fish. This fish has caused some issues for players as it is quite a rare catch requiring a guide on how to catch a Searback.

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Catch Searback in Sun Haven Guide

Fishing Rod

I’d recommend getting a good fishing rod to improve your skills and the likelihood of succeeding in the fishing mini-game should you come across this rare fish. The Withergate Fishing Rod is the best one possible but if you can’t get enough tickets for it then the Branch Fishing Rod is one to work with.


This fish is only available in the summer so you have to look for it in that specific season, location-wise the Searback has been tied to the East Forest. There is some debate as to where the Searback spawns but most cases I have seen have been in the East Forest meaning that’s the best place to go if you want to catch this fish.

This is our guide on how to catch the Searback in Sun Haven. There are no shortcuts and it will require patience but with the correct rod and location you can catch this rare species and complete the mission.

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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