What Do These Skins Have That Makes Them Most Beautiful in CS:GO?

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Do you consider CS:GO skins art? Cause we do. And just like in any art, there are good and bad examples of skins. In today’s article, we will familiarize you with skins considered the most beautiful in the community. So get your aesthetic self ready, and let’s jump into the CS:GO digital art!

But before you start, we want to share a small tip with you. Many of the following skins are pretty pricey. When you see their tags, it might turn you off. However, Farmskins case opening website will cast away your pessimism. Enter it, sign up instantly with your Steam Profile, take advantage of rewarding bonuses, and start hunting for the preferred skin.

AWP Dragon Lore

Even if you haven’t seen this skin in the game, you’ve probably heard its name. AWP Dragon Lore has conquered the community with stunning visuals and an absurdly high rarity and price. However, we are here to discuss why it is considered beautiful.

The rifle’s skin has a color scheme of shades of yellow, orange, red, and green. The central element of the gun is a dragon that has sprawled across the entire gun’s body. He is adorned in various patterns and has black contours. The beast’s jaws are wide open as he blasts a firing current in the barrel’s direction. The area adjacent to the fire is vividly red. 

Besides that, the skin has a few checkered patterns at the scope, buttstock, and barrel. They are mostly painted in black and soft green. Although, near the barrel’s edge, green gradually turns into orange.

P90 Asimov 

We know that there are a couple of Asimov-design skins in CS:GO. However, there is just one king among them. It is P90 Asimov

The futuristic white, black, and orange patterns look impeccably on it. Fair to say that skin is rather simplistic. Still, it looks like fire. 

There are no gradients or complicated ornaments here—just strict geometrical alterations of three colors. Closer to the buttstock, the colors change in a line-like manner. But approaching the barrel, a solid white block occupies most of the space. On top, there is an orange magazine with black lines and white “WARNING” inscriptions on both sides. Additionally, a couple of spots on the P90 are adorned with crosses and brackets. They resemble a futuristic-like interface.

Don’t have enough money to purchase this P90? Skin upgrade may be your salvation. Just throw in a couple of your irrelevant skins and choose the one in return. If the total price of invested skin is worth P90 Asimov, it might be the exact gun you will be offered to take.

AK-47 Case Hardened  

Now let’s look at the skin that adorns the iconic AK-47 assault rifles. It is a case-hardened pattern. 

If you’ve never seen the look of this skin, you might not get it the first time. However, we recommend perceiving what you see as beautiful chaos. These are the best two words to describe AK-47 Case Hardened. 

Each part of the AK-47 Case Hardened, besides non-metallic details, is adorned with stains of blue, yellow, and purple colors. They resemble something like a splash of oil, which creates similar patterns. 

You should know that these skins may vary depending on the pattern index. This value changes the layout of stains on the gun. Can they compete in beauty too? Yes, and that is what they do! To this day, a Top Blue pattern is considered the best-looking one. With it, the whole upper part of the AK-47 is painted blue.

M4A1-S Nightmare 

Yeah, yeah. We know that not everybody considers AK-47 the best assault rifle. Don’t be offended. We have prepared one for you too. 

We could’ve chosen many skins for the M4A1-S. However, this Nightmare skin is just hypnotizing. So we had no choice but to put it here.

The color scheme of the item is different shades of blue and black. These colors form a mythical creature that is the central element of the skin. Some say it’s a demon. Others think it’s a dragon. But disregarding what it is: it looks amazing. 

The creature has blue crystals all over its body. Alongside its eyes, they are shining all over the M4A1-S. You can see them throughout the entire rifle. Some of them are even located at the silencer. Although, it doesn’t look like part of the creature.

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