FM 23 Winter Update: Best Young Goalkeepers to Sign

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The Football Manager 2023 Winter Update has changed the game in many ways with tweaks to the match engine and some fixed stats. To keep up with the rating changes I have put together this article on the new best young goalkeepers to sign in FM23 following the attribute fixes.

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Best Young Goalkeepers to Sign in FM23 Winter Update

Dennis Seimen

Plying his trade for VFB Stuttgart, Seimen is a 16-year-old goalkeeper with heaps of potential. He is one of those players whose ceiling will get higher with more playing time. He can adequately play the sweeper role early on and can be trained to become an excellent passing goalie.

Andre Gomes

Another teenager, this time playing for Benfica (no surprise there). Benfica is one of the best teams in the entire game for harvesting young prospects and Gomes is no different. He has a very high ceiling but won’t make an immediate impression no matter where he’s playing.

Lucas Canizares

A solid goalkeeper from the beginning of a save Canizares plays for Real Madrid and has the potential to become an elite goalkeeper. At 20 years of age he is one of the older names on this best young goalkeeper list but he has all the qualities of a future top goalkeeper.

Alejandro Iturbe

Across Madrid, Atletico have a wonderkid goalkeeper of their own. Iturbe is 18 and is primarily a traditional goalkeeper but has enough time to learn and develop the skills of a sweeper keeper.

Stefano Turati

Moving away from Spanish teams we head over to Italy where Stefano Turati has the highest starting point of any goalkeeper on our list. His potential is just as high as the other names on this list although he will need time to fully become a starting sweeper.

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What do you make of our winter updated best young goalkeeper list for Football Manager 2023? Any ommissions?

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