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SpongeBob: Cosmic Shake takes some pages from the book of classic Spongey platformers by having a whole host of collectables. This time around the collectables are for side quests and tend to be contained to a single level, the first side quest we’re tasked with is to find refreshments in the earliest level for Squidward. In this quick guide I will run down each of the Refreshment locations and advise you on how to reach them.


Refreshment Locations in SpongeBob Cosmic Shake

Refreshment 1

Immediately after starting the level head to the waterfall located on behind the Manta Fe sign. In front of the waterfall is floating boxes which can be jumped on. The lowest box of the bunch has a refreshment on it. This is definitely the easiest refreshment of them all.

Refreshment 2

Teleport to the riding school where you can easily get atop the school building. Head to the back of the school building and you’ll see a bounce pad on a water tower to the left. Behind this bounce pad is a chunk of rock with two platforms sticking out of it. The refreshment is located on the higher platform.

Refreshment 3

Manta fe refreshment location

Teleport to Manta Fe to find this one. To the back of the jail, and hidden by the Ice Cream Parlor, there is a slingshot located on an elevated piece of rock. Taking this slingshot will send you to the cemetery with a hill at the centre. Climb the hill and look down the slope behind the headstone, on one of the boards of wood you’ll see the fourth refreshment

Refreshment 4

This one is a bit tough to find initially but once you know where you’re going it’s easy to find. At the cacteen hills spawn point, backtrack up the seahorse track a bit until you find some blueish/silver wooden planks. Beside those, you’ll find a platform hanging off the edge of the terrain  Go to the left corner of this plank and look down to see more floating boxes and a plank in mid-air. The latest refreshment is found on that plank

Refreshment 5

At the Sap The Gatherer spawn point climb the mountain immediately in front of you until you reach the cactus draining point. There is a platform off to the side on its own which holds the final refreshment.

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