How to Make Money Playing Video Games in 2023

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Gaming is a lifestyle that could be a bit complex for the uninitiated to understand. However, gone are the days when this immersive experience was limited to geeks, the unemployed, or people who don’t have their lives together as portrayed in movies. The gaming world now attracts lots of investments, allowing gamers to play and win on some of the best real money online casino Canada. Game manufacturers now receive huge financial backing from investors keen to bring more entertainment into the gaming and casino industry. 

As things stand, you can turn your passion into riches by spending time on real money online casino Canada from the comfort of your home. All you need are steady internet and excellent gaming skills. Nowadays, you can even form a team with your gamer friends and enter international competitions like Dota 2, FIFA e-sports, or Warcraft. 

In this article by our guest post expert, Michelle H. Thomas, we examine how you can make money online through gaming.

Where can you make money playing video games online in 2023?


The first step to making money via video games is identifying what platforms allow you to play for real money online. These platforms are usually sponsored by game manufacturers and investors looking to bring another entertainment angle to gamers. For instance, most online gaming competitions are multiplayer-based, testing your ability to work with a team and how you all synchronize your skills.

  • One of the major places where you can play video games to earn money is an online casino in Canada. Since licensing online gaming and gambling in 2021, Canada has seen an influx of heavyweights in the gaming industry branch into its untapped market. Before now, Canadian residents had to rely on offshore platforms because online gambling was illegal in the country. 
  • Asides from online casinos, you can also make money from playing video games by participating in online tournaments on your favorite games. Several game-specific tournaments draw participants from around the world, including The International (based on Dota2), the League of Legends World Championship, and the Call of Duty World Championship. However, playing games online for money is slightly different from what obtains at the best real money online casino Canada platforms. Players pay a one-time entry fee when applying to these tournaments, a percentage of which is added to the prize pool and distributed between them at the end of the tournament, depending on their performance.
  • You can also earn money from playing games on rewarding platforms like MistPlay and Inbox Dollars. These websites reward you for playing video games and sharing opinions and reviews. Mistplay was initially a game-testing company; now, it has evolved into a gaming experience startup and is one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada. However, these websites are less rewarding than casinos, and your best bet for making money online through video games is a real money online casino Canada. 

What video games can you play to win money online in 2023?

There are just as many online games you can play to win real money as there are games. However, we will focus on some of the most popular games that allow you to earn funds online.

  1. League of Legends: This is one of the world’s most popular games, with a dedicated annual championship. The championship doubles as one of the most popular e-sports events, drawing over five million viewers in 2021 alone. Asides from the dedicated League of Legends tournament sponsored by Riot Games, you can also play League of Legends on a real money online casino Canada. As of 2021, financial estimates revealed that Riot Games makes over $1 billion annually from the League of Legends franchise. 
  2. Call of Duty: The makers of your favorite battle arena game, Activision, hold an annual competition featuring the best 32 teams worldwide. Players are free to form a team and compete for a qualification spot where only the best of the best survive. The qualification rounds are usually hectic, as you’ll face gamers who have played every edition of the game, completing missions like cheesecake. However, should you win, there’s a $1 million cash prize courtesy of Sony Xperia.
  3. Blackjack: What better way to make money playing games online than the video game version of the world’s most popular casino game? The rules and gameplay are similar to the regular 52-deck games dealt at traditional casinos. Playing online is also faster and more exciting as you can play with or against friends and a computer. 

If making money online via video gaming is your mantra for 2023, you should look toward real money online casinos in Canada. Given the recent legalization of online gambling, you can rest assured that the available casinos and gaming platforms are trustworthy and secure since they have a license.

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