Persona 3 Portable Chariot & Judgement Boss Guide – Level, Weakness & Tips

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The next full moon boss fight in Persona 3 Portable is another dual-fight. This time you take on the CHariot & Judgement arcana shadows. In this Chariot & Judgement boss guide, I will be taking a look at boss level, player level, and providing other tips to win this battle.

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Chariot & Judgement Boss Guide – Persona 3 Portable


Neither boss has any exploitable weakness. They completely nullify dark and light attacks but they have no resistance, that means you can wail on them with your strongest magic attacks without much fear.


Both bosses are Level 31. They clock in with about 1500 HP each which you’ll want to whittle down on each shadow. I tend to recommend coming into this one over-levelled at about 33 to make things that bit easier for yourself.

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Bring Aigis to this fight. Her pierce resistance means she can withstand most attacks from each boss. The ideal lineup is something along the lines of MC, Yukari, Aigis, and Akihiko

There are two things to look out for with this boss. One is that both shadows have the Samarecarm move, this allows them to heal their partner with full health. That’s why it is important to whittle down the health of BOTH enemies so you can kill them in the same turn.

The other important thing is to be wary of the Justice’s Hama attack. This is a light-type insta-kill move that will end the battle if it takes out the MC. There’s a certain element of luck involved here because I don’t think there’s any way to get a null light or repel light ability at this stage of the game.

When fused this boss cannot be killed, you can use these opportunities to wear down its health but you cannot kill it in the fused form.

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