NBA 2K23 Best Small Forward Build

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With another new NBA 2K game comes another mad dash to create the best build possible to dominate the court. In NBA 2K22 I dished out advice to build the best center and I’ve already taken a stab at making a paint beast center build for NBA 2K23 as well as a Shooting Guard and Point Guard build. In this article, however, I will be moving my attention to the very flexible Small Forward Build for one of the loosest positions on the court.

NBA 2K23 Best Small Forward Build

The Small Forward build is a difficult one to put together because the position is so versatile. When I put together a build for the 3 spot I tend to aim for the playmaking shot creator archetype. This is a strong all-around build with finishing, shooting, defence, and playmaking all cared for.

Body Settings

Height: 6 foot 7

Weight: 230 pounds

Wingspan: 7 foot 4


Close Shot: 82

Driving Layup: 92

Driving Dunk: 84

Standing Dunk: 30

Post Control: 25

As the small forward you’re unlikely to ever be standing in the paint so always emphasise the driving skills, but make sure not to leave Close Shot trailing as getting open for a shot near the basket is a high-efficiency shot.


Mid Range: 81

3-Point: 81

Free Throw: 65

Having mid-range and 3-point even is getting a bit cute but it just goes to show how well-rounded I want this build to be.


Pass Accuracy: 80

Ball Handle: Max

Speed With Ball: Max


Interior: 61

Perimeter: 86

Steal: 82

Block: 70

Offensive Rebounding: 25

Defensive Rebounding: 41


Speed: Max

Acceleration: Max

Strength: Max

Vertical: 70

Stamina: 91

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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