NBA 2K23 Tips: Best Point Guard Build (PS5)

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With another new NBA 2K game comes another mad dash to create the best build possible to dominate the court. In NBA 2K22 I dished out advice to build the best center and I’ve already taken a stab at making a paint beast center build for NBA 2K23. In this article, however, I will be moving my attention to the focal point of any team, the point guard. Let’s take a look at the best Point Guard build I could come up with for PS5.

NBA 2K23 Best Point Guard Build on PS5

While some may choose to be specialists in this position I favor a build that allows me to have a presence on every aspect of the court. I want to create, defend, shoot 3’s, and have some presence inside.

Body Settings

Height: 6 foot 3

Weight: 175 Pounds

Wingspan: 6 foot 11

Being on the smaller size hurts inside shooting but allows for a better top speed and acceleration which will be essential to dominating the league.


Close Shot: 58

Driving Layup: 77

Driving Dunk: 93

Standing Dunk:25

Post Control: 25

Unsurprisingly it’s best to focus on the driving attributes as any inside shots will likely come from drives off a screen or by exploiting a weak defender.


Mid-Range: 75

Three-Point: 90

Free Throw: 70


Pass Accuracy: 80

Ball Handle: 90

Speed With Ball: 89

When playing as a Point Guard I usually like to make plays and rack up assists so I load up on pass accuracy. If you’re more interested in scoring then you can move a few points to handle or speed with ball instead.


Interior Defense: 25

Perimeter Defense: 75

Steal: 80

Block: 27

Offensive Rebound: 25

Defensive Rebound: 33

I like to keep attackers on their toes so I have some bias towards the steal attribute but if you’d rather be more defensively solid then you can switch steal’s 80 points with perimeter defense.


Speed: 82

Acceleration: 82

Strength: 30

Vertical: 82

Stamina: 97

Leave your comments in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts!
Do we have the best Point Guard build? What adjustments would you make? Let us know!

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