Top 3 NBA 2K23 My Career Tips 

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NBA 2K23 is about to drop, and many out there are wondering about how to make the most out of their My Career stories. Considering the NBA 2K22’s My Career concept was often quoted as among the best sports fantasy experiences gamers can have, plenty is expected in the new edition that will be coming out on September 8th.  Here are some top NBA 2K23 My Career Tips to use once you’ve got your hands on the game. 

The tips below have been developed based on NBA 2K22. The truth is that there may be a few slight differences to the game when 2K23 comes out, but the tips listed below are those that can be carried into the new edition coming soon. 

Top 3 NBA 2K23 My Career Tips 

  • Customize Animations 
  • Check what the pros do 
  • Don’t simulate games

Keep scrolling to read through each of the top tips that are presented here:

1. Customize Animations 

Aside from just making your player look great, spending the time to customize your animations can be extremely beneficial in your My Career campaign. Custom animations can make the player fundamentally better. In NBA 2K22, you’re able to choose the dunks of various players for example, from the likes of James Harden to Michael Jordan. 

While the default packages can get the job done, they don’t prepare a player well for the presence of certain obstacles (like defenders, and so on). Customising your dunks, dribbling, and shooting can have a huge effect on your player, more than any badge or stat could have. 

Look to customise animations wherever possible, and keep looking to upgrade already customised animations depending on the situation. 

2. Check what the pros do 

eBasketball, the NBA’s own virtual basketball league is where the best NBA gamers come together to compete in the NBA 2K league. The league kicked off back in 2018 in partnership with the company that produced the games. 

The league gets enough attention to garner the interest from the likes of Betway, which dubs as one of the leading betting sites for esports in Canada. Betway regularly provides odds for the NBA 2k league. 

Checking these match ups out is a good way to understand just how the very best NBA 2k players think, and play, which can then be replicated in your very own My Career story. Everything from strategy and positioning of players, to how these players react to different situations can all inform your My Career campaign. 

3. Don’t Simulate Games 

While it may be tempting to simulate a few games, especially if you’ve played a bunch of games in a row, and are wanting to reach a certain point, don’t do it. Simulating games can have terrible effects on your campaign in the long run. The results of simulations in some cases don’t accurately reflect what you’re capable of. 

When players start they usually do so in the 70 – 80 overall territory, which can be considered average, so the game will then simulate average results. The truth is that even though your player may have an average score, you playing with them will mean that the player’s performance will more than likely be far beyond that statistical ceiling. 

The only case in which simulating games may make sense is if your player has reached an overall score of 99, and even then it isn’t recommended. Simulating games can lead to forfeiting upgrades, which nobody wants.

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