TOKOYO The Tower of Perpetuity
TOKOYO The Tower of Perpetuity - now available for pre-order

TOKOYO The Tower of Perpetuity will release on June 2nd on the Nintendo Switch and on Early Access on Steam on the same day. The game can be pre-ordered for the Switch now at a discount of 20% off the retail price.

Gamers find themselves trapped in the mysterious “Tower of Perpetuity” that changes its structure every 24 hours. The 2D social rogue-like game will see gamers take on monsters and traps from the solo indie developer Saebashi under his personal doujin circle //commentout. The game mixes challenging boss battles with platforming to put gamers to the ultimate test.

TOKOYO The Tower of Perpetuity Now Available for Pre-Order on Nintendo Switch

TOKOYO The Tower of Perpetuity has already received multiple nominations and awards including:

●    Xiamen International Animation Festival 2019 Game Contest, Won Best Game Application Award.
●    Tokyo Game Show 2018, Nominated for the Dengeki PlayStation Indie Game Award.
●    Tokyo Game Show 2017, Nominated for the Dengeki PlayStation Indie Game Category.

There are five different playable characters each with a different skill that can be used. The skills have a cool-down period adding to the strategy element of the game.

The level will reset every real-world 24 hours so everyone playing will be in the same setting at the same time. Social elements also include a gravestone where a player died in-game for others playing the same level that day to see.

Gamers can also customize skins for their characters and add opening and ending stories and dialogue. More custom characters from collaboration with illustrators, streamers, and game designers will release down the road as well.

The Early Access Steam version will receive the following updates via full version patches.

・True Boss implemented
・True Ending implemented
・Achievements implemented
・Mod features enhanced (opening story added, etc.)
・Collection elements added
・New map gimmicks
・Practice mode with challenging bosses
・Significant increase in auto-generated variations (over 300!)

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TOKOYO The Tower of Perpetuity
TOKOYO The Tower of Perpetuity – now available for pre-order
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