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While the world of gaming has seen massive gains over the last few years, no other sector has been as impressive as mobile gaming. Thanks to the widespread surge in smartphone penetration, the mobile gaming sector was responsible for 50% of the global video game revenue. By 2023, mobile gaming revenue alone is expected to exceed $100 billion.

Best Mobile Games for Fans of Any Genre

While most of the most popular mobile game titles with rooted in an online experience, there are also plenty of other options that you can enjoy both with and without WIFI. From casual card games to spine-chilling puzzle adventures, here are some of the most exciting mobile games you can play anytime:


For Casino Style Games: Governor of Poker 2

The perfect marriage of cartoony fun and classic poker appeal, Governor of Poker 2 is the second in a popular cowboy-themed mobile app franchise. Available for online and offline play, Governor of Poker 2 adds an extra layer of adventure to your usual casino poker. In the game, you play as a card-loving-gun-slinging hotshot in the Wild West. By winning a series of poker matches, your character can eventually become the governor of this untamed town! While the game is billed as beginner-friendly, it uses the Texas Hold’em variation. Therefore, although this is a pretty straightforward game, you’re still better off learning how to play Texas Hold’em poker beforehand. This way, you’ll know how to use hole and community cards, when to fold, and when it’s better to call. Of course, Governor of Poker 2 doesn’t actually bet with real money, either. So it gives you plenty of room to learn by trial and error, too.


For Horror Themed Games: The Room: Old Sins

Next time you want to immerse yourself in a thrilling mobile game, look no further than The Room. First released 10 years ago, this detailed game only requires the internet for the initial download. Afterwards, all gameplay can be carried out sans a Wi-Fi connection. The fourth release in a creepy franchise, The Room is a continuation of a mystery that your character has to solve. To unravel the mystery, you’ll have to explore and assess detailed environments like dollhouses and attics. Throughout the game, you’ll need to solve puzzles and put together clues, which is guaranteed to get tricky at times. Topped off with a haunting soundtrack and a sinister plot, The Room is one game that you’ll be happy (albeit a little freaked out) to dive into.


For Board Game Simulators: Really Bad Chess

A cheeky take on another classic board game, Really Bad Chess is a free-to-download app that you can then continue to play offline. As you may have guessed from its name, Really Bad Chess is anything but your typical straight-laced chess game. In this game, each player gets a random mix of chess pieces that changes per match. This means, that instead of just getting one queen and 2 rooks like you normally would, you may get four queens and one rook. This setup either puts you or your AI opponent at a unique disadvantage. Thanks to this new style, you can even let your strategy and creativity soar. That said, while the approach to starting pieces may be new, the board and the rules are the same. So, if you’ve never played chess before try learning how to play traditional chess first. By doing so, you’ll at least know the movements of the pieces, the objectives, and ultimately, how to swing the game in your favour.

For Puzzle Type Games: Monument Valley

One of the most visually pleasing mobile games to date, Monument Valley is an atmospheric puzzle game. Using optical illusions, your character is tasked with adjusting paths via flips, twists, and pivots. If it sounds easy enough, don’t be fooled. Many of the puzzles can become real head-scratchers.

Designed to have you think outside the box. Monument Valley is a stimulating way to pass the time. If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a storyline, though, try its sequel. Also a mobile app that you can play offline after downloading it, Monument Valley 2 isn’t free but it is worthwhile. If you’re wondering what’s different with the sequel, in this version you play as both a mother and daughter. This adds another layer to the experience since each one acts a bit differently. Regardless of what version you play, though, Monument Valley and its sequel are great games to kill time.

Given that not everyone has a stable internet connection, it’s always great to see mobile games optimised for both online and offline play. Created to be more inclusive and accessible, these games deliver immersion and enjoyment without relying on Wi-Fi to deliver quality gameplay.

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