How To Get Every Capital Ship in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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Collect-a-thon fans rejoice! Although Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga might suffer from a lack of brick building elements, the newest title from TT Games definitely doesn’t skimp on the collectibles. From the thousands of Kyber Bricks and hundreds of playable characters to the many starships hidden around the galaxy, you’re sure to spend hours searching each nook and cranny of every planet to find them all.

For me, the best set of colllectibles to find were definitely the capital ships. Though there are only 5 of these huge spacecraft scattered across the universe for you to find, once purchased they act as self-contained levels complete with their very own hidden items and secrets to discover.

These vessels don’t come cheap, with prices ranging from 2 – 5 million studs. If your wallet isn’t quite that full, you can still unlock each of the capital ships by fulfilling each of the necessary requirements, you just won’t be able to board until you’re flush with cash. I’d recommend initially saving up your studs to purchase the all-important stud multipliers once you’ve found a datacard or two. By buying these rewards first, I was working with a x386 multiplier bonus for every level by the time I had reached episode 4!

While I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get the Venator-class Star Destroyer from Revenge of the Sith or any of the Jedi Cruisers from Attack of the Clones, fellow fans of the prequels will be happy to see Clone Wars era representation from the Trade Federation’s Lucrehulk-class battleship from The Phantom Menace.

The Capital Ships of Lego Star Wars: A SkyWalker Saga

That’s No Moon!

Probably the most iconic space lazer in the world, the Death Star was originally designed by the bugs of Geonosis during the end of the Clone Wars. After the planet Alderaan was blown into bits, the capital ship was reduced to space rubble by Luke Skywalker and the rebellion, thanks to some handy sabotage from Imperial Scientist, Galen Erso, in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

To own this monstrous spacestation for yourself, you’ll need to play through each of the levels in A New Hope and take a trip to Coruscant’s Federal District. From there, you’ll need to head to the Great Temple on Yavin 4 to accept the ‘Operation Stardust’ quest from a Rebel Engineer. Once you’ve finished this quest, you’ll be able to purchase the Death Star for 5 million studs.

Death Star II: Electric Boogaloo

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. However, if it gets destroyed by those pesky rebels, make sure to build another one that’s even bigger.

This time, the Empire’s premium planet killer was built by loyal engineers who had the sense to replace the singular thermal exhaust port with a lot of smaller ones and add a ground-based deflector shield. Unfortunately, they still forgot about the channel that led the rebel fleet directly to the reactor core; which just happened to be the perfect size for a Millenium Falcon to fly through. The Empire really needs to vet their engineering department a little better!

To become the proud owner of the Death Star II capital ship, you’ll need to complete every level in Return of the Jedi, and obtain the ‘Doom Ball III’ quest from an Ewok Engineer in the Ewok Village on Endor. After you’ve completed this quest, the Death Star II will only set you back by 2 million studs.

Darth Vader’s Private Yacht

The Executor was the personal flagship of Darth Vader and his personal army, the Death Squadron. No matter where the Dark Lord of the Sith was needed, from the icy wastelands of Hoth to the floating cities of Bespin, the Executor and its large arsenal of weapons would be close behind. The capital ship met its end when a rogue rebel A-Wing took a wrong turn through the command bridge, causing it to crash straight into the Death Star II.

Getting this one is a little trickier, you’ll need to get yourself to space over Tatooine or Bespin and fight as many space battles as it takes to summon Darth Vader. Once the Executor arrives, you’ll need to destroy its many defences to get aboard before fighting your way through the crew to take over the ship. After a successful capture, this capital ship will cost you 5 million studs.

Is That Legal?

Modified from cargo haulers and refitted especially for battle, the Lucre-class battleships were a dominant force for the Trade Federation in the galaxy during the Clone Wars. Their distinctive donut shape makes them one of the most recognizable capital ships from the prequels.

If you’ve always wanted to blockade a neutral planet for an unreasonably petty reason, you’ll need to travel to space above Geonosis or Naboo and fight a bunch of Vulture Droids until the Trade Federation battleship appears. After fighting through an endless sea of lazer turrets and battledroids, you only need another 3 million studs to call this capital ship yours.

The Empire’s New Clothes

Sometimes a good rebranding is all you really need to conquer the galaxy a second time. Or at least that’s what the sequel trilogy has taught us with the rise of the First Order. Kylo Ren likely chose the resurgent-class Star Destroyer because of its similarity to his grandfather’s Executor.

The Steadfast is much smaller than the other flagships but it’s not about the size, it’s about the firepower. Having been designed for ship-to-ship combat, it served as a symbol for the First Order’s power until the Resistance’s ground team decided to run up the hull on foot, hotwire a laser cannon and blow up the bridge.

To round out your collection of capital ships, you’ll need to head to either Pasaana or Jakku space and shoot down some spaceships until Steadfast shows up to ruin your day. You know the drill by now, destroy the defenses, fight the guards and take over the ship before handing over 3 million studs to collect your prize.

Finders Keepers

Once you’ve completed your galaxy-wide scavenger hunt and found all the hidden collectibles and surprises on board your vessels, the fun doesn’t stop there. Your shiny new capital ships can be summoned to loom over any planet but only one at a time. They’re also featured in the hyperdrive animations, but be careful going into space battles with them as they can often get in the way!

Have you found every capital ship in The Skywalker Saga?
Have you found every capital ship in The Skywalker Saga?x

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