The Budgie Madness Event Returns to RIFT 

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gamigo the creator of the MMORPG RIFT has announced a collection of in-game events, quests, and items for the Budgie Carnival Celebration. For two weeks The Budgie Madness Event returns to RIFT.

The Budgie Madness Event Returns to RIFT

Gamers can saddle up and compete in daily races in Cape Jule, Freemarch, Pelladane, or Silverwood. Combat options are also available to gamers as gamers can play the Minions of Migration quest and complete an expert dungeon successfully or win a warfront in the “Birds of a Feather Train Together” quest. With the completion of the daily quests, gamers own Chaos Motes that they can then take and trade to earn their own Budgie Mount.

For gamers that are Budgie curious, they will have new quests available from event NPC Frank Stroher.

gamigo wants players to celebrate 11 years of RIFT with The Budgie Madness event. Event decorations will be viewable in all major game cities. Daily and weekly quests relating to the event will be available for the next four weeks in-game. RIFT will also offer an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming Easter holiday with in-game-themed items. Bunny ears and the ability to turn your in-game character into a bunny will all be part of the Easter festivities.

RIFT was first released in March of 2011. It is a free-to-play MMORPG that takes place in the world of Telara. The story surrounds two competing factions that battle with each other as well as enemies that appear through “rifts”.

Will you be taking part in The Budgie Madness Event? What are you looking forward to in the event?

Will you be taking part in The Budgie Madness Event? What are you looking forward to in the event? x

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The Budgie Madness Event
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