5 Simple Suggestions to Improve Gaming Experience on Mac

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MacBook owners might be a bit reluctant to try video games on their devices. Macs have a negative rep as far as gaming goes, and it is understandably why. Back when the gaming industry was not that big, and MacBooks had lackluster hardware, most video game developers did not even bother to optimize IPs for macOS.

However, the situation has changed in recent years. Right now, most recent Mac models come with better hardware. At the same time, video games are also becoming more optimized for the operating system.

Flexible developing tools also allow a more tailor-made approach for different operating systems. Not to mention that more and more people are buying MacBooks, and video game developers want in on that demographic.

Having said all that, it is still likely that you will run into some issues while gaming on a MacBook, particularly if you have an older model. But is that enough to disregard the possibility of playing video games on your Mac? Not necessarily.

Below, you will find information on how to improve the overall experience on your MacBook with a focus on running video games.

Improve Gaming Experience on Mac

The Dust Inside

The dust inside accumulates whether you like it or not. And it is no secret that many people do not bother cleaning it.

For some, it is a hassle to open the laptop apart and actually do the work. For others, it is the reluctance that stems from fears of risking damage to the device.

Well, regardless of the circumstances, it is still necessary to clean the dust inside a MacBook. You cannot simply ignore it because the amount will only accumulate, causing further problems.

Since video games require a lot of resources, they take a toll on the computer. Clogged internal fans cannot keep up with the demands, and you have to play on a laptop that is overheating and making loud noises.

If you do not want to risk cleaning the MacBook yourself, take it to a computer service shop and pay for the service. The important thing is to remove the dust inside and remember that you should do it regularly.

Drive Clutter

a drive
Lack of storage is another common problem that hinders computer performance. Macs are not the best when it comes to the overall available storage, meaning that users do not have that much drive space to work with.

To solve the storage issue, you have to figure out what is consuming the most space. For some, uninstalling redundant applications might make a significant difference. Other users might like to keep large media files on the device instead of sticking to streaming services. And then there are those who like to download junk without deleting it later.

Taking some time and going through the files on your MacBook should give you an idea of what you need to do to free up space. And when you do that, there will be more free gigabytes, which will lead to a better gaming experience.

Pro tip: while removing redundant files permanently is a good strategy, remember that you can also transfer files to external storage, such as clouds and HDDs or even USB flash sticks.

Background Processes

Running a high-end video game in the background is usually enough to give the computer’s hardware enough to do. If you add some other processes in the background, expect to experience FPS drops and crashes.

As a MacBook user, you should check Activity Monitor before playing video games. It is possible that there is an app that you forgot to close after using it, or some other redundant background process.

You might also want to keep an eye on automated updates. If the system is updating itself or downloading an update for an app, it will consume system resources and slow down the internet connection. You can pause the update or wait for it to finish.


Desk space with someone using a laptop
Like with other computer problems, malware can often be the cause. Even though Macs are quite reliable in this aspect, they are still prone to cybersecurity threats, so be sure that there is antivirus software on your computer.

Try your best to check for corrupted files periodically by running custom scans on your antivirus tool. Whenever a scan finds corrupted data, be sure to get rid of it.

Keeping the MacBook malware-free is a sure way to have a properly performing computer, and that includes playing video games.

Game Settings

The last piece of advice is to keep an eye on in-game settings. Most video games allow you to tinker with graphics and other aspects that affect the performance.

Sure, lowering the quality of the graphics makes for a worse gaming experience if a game is driven visually, but constant stuttering and crashes are way worse to have.

Leave your comments in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts!

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