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In our first video, I have taken charge of the UpSpec Gaming XScreen, a screen you can pop onto your Series S console and play whenever the big screen is not available to you. You can even take it on the train or anywhere with a power socket. So whilst its not exactly gaming on the go, it is a great alternative for taking your console with you.

UpSpec Gaming XScreen – Video Hands On

Great Product

The UpSpec Gaming XScreen isn’t cheap coming in at around £250 and you need to be aware you will need to pay a duty charge when it arrives but it really is a great product. It’s light but sturdy and once you install it, which will take less than a minute, you will quickly see that it looks like it should have been born with the Series S at launch.

UpSpec Gaming’s XScreen
Easy to set up and it looks so right! I highly recommend UpSpec Gaming’s XScreen!

In fact Microsoft are said to be taking a keen interest in the product and the team at UpSpec Gaming deserve every success with this.

The screen is clear, crisp and looks great.

UpSpec Gaming XScreen –
The LWOGaming Verdict
Are you interested in the XScreen? Let us know!x

Put simply this is brilliant addition for a brilliant little box of tricks. It is pricey but if you can afford it it really is worth every penny.


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The LWOGaming Verdict" Read more »

Yes! It is a bit pricey but I could see myself getting one down the road.


Have and even more time to sit down with it today and the screen really is wonderful. They just look made to be together.


The price is high but for a Kickstarter I guess it’s hard to keep costs down. I think it will be successful enough to drop in price and if Microsoft get on board which sounds a possibility it could drop. It really is a an amusing piece of kit.

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