Starship Troopers – Terran Command Delayed Until June 16, 2022

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Slitherine Games and The Aristocrats have announced that Starship Troopers – Terran Command will be delayed from its original March 31 release date. The new and definitive launch date will be June 16, 2022.

Starship Troopers – Terran Command Delayed

The official message from Slitherine Games and The Artistocrats is as follows:

“Today we are making an important announcement related to the release date: Starship Troopers – Terran Command won’t be releasing on March 31st as previously announced.

The new and definitive launch date will be June 16, 2022.

We know many will find this announcement disappointing and we apologize. We truly feel that a few extra months of further polish and bug fixing will make a significant difference.

We intend to deliver a finished and polished game, and it is very important for us that you are able to fully enjoy the game from day 1, without any issue spoiling your fun or without having to wait for future patches or hotfixes.

The game is now content complete and all remaining development time will be entirely focused on refining what already exists. We can’t wait to reveal more, and we plan to show you a lot in the months leading up to the launch in June.”

Last Word on Gaming Viewpoint

While it is disappointing to see Terran Command delayed, it is refreshing to see game developers make sure that their game is releasing in its best form. Too often lately the gaming world has been subject to broken games like the original Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most colossal disasters in recent gaming history. For Slitherine Games and The Aristocrats to make the choice they did was brave and will

receive nothing but applause from me.
Do you share the same viewpoint that developers delaying games for polish is a good move for the industry?x

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