Sega Powered – Print Media at Its Finest – High Quality From Start to Finish

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Back in November 2021, I interviewed Dean Mortlock as his new project was nearing completion of its first issue. Now that first issue has landed in mine and many others’ hands and it is no over exaggeration to say that this is brilliant. Here are my thoughts on issue one of Sega Powered – Print media at its finest.

Sega Powered – Print Media In All Its Glory

High Quality

As I opened the post and took out this first issue of Sega Powered, the first thing I noticed was the high quality of the paper and that lovely smell that only print media can bring. Sonic the Hedgehog stands proud at 30 on the front cover with a fabulous illustration bringing a huge smile to my face. Straight away I was whisked back to the days of Sega Power, Saturn Power and the small note from Dean taken from the last ever issue of Saturn Power sent a tingle down my spine. From retro to today and beyond, Sega Powered has it all.

Super Sonic

The main feature is on Sonic the Hedgehog and his 30 years as Sega’s mascot, looking at the games, the spin offs, the toys and other curio as well as words from some of the grandest from gaming such as Damien McFerran and Chris Scullion. It’s an in-depth piece and superbly constructed.


The reviews centre on games from today such as Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania (try saying that after a few beverages on a Friday night) on PlayStation 5 to Fighting Vipers on Sega Saturn (I loved that console) and Virtua Tennis on the ill fated Dreamcast.

Sega Powered – Print Media Rises and How!

I was excited when I interviewed Dean about Sega Powered but even I must admit that I was not ready for just how high the quality would be. It really is a labour of passion full of informative content, fabulous reviews, great features, interviews and in issue one you can even make your own chaos emerald! For any Sega fan, old and new, Sega Powered sits as the epitome of brilliant print media and long may its reign last.

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