C4G: The Next Big Esports Marketing Agency

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C4G Agency is a French-Canadian marketing agency looking to take on the world of esports and sports by helping clients grow and ultimately, make your life easier when you are looking to partner up with the biggest brands.

I sat down with head of C4G, Louis-Philippe Dalpe, or LP to his friends, to learn more about his exciting new company.

Who are C4G and Can They Be the Next Big Esports Marketing Agency?

C4G recognise that the need for esports organizations to keep a constant flow of prospects in sponsorship, partnership an investing continues to grow.

From the start of my chat with LP, I could see the enthusiasm on his face. His passion for his project was infectious, and for someone who specialises in creating FIFA tips articles, I was particularly impressed by how clearly he explained what his plan for C4G was and what his organisation could offer.

“Also, since our business model is performance-based through gentlemen’s agreements, we wanted to be as risk free as possible. That’s also why we consider our clients as partners way more than “payers”. It’s way more about generating sustainable opportunities for the whole ecosystem than creating short term financial booms.”

LP told me that C4G was his baby. Having previously worked in a marketing agency, he started C4G as a way of focusing on his passion for gaming and esports, before approaching the sports market.

C4G offer four primary functions:

  1. Coaching and Consulting
  • LP and his team have expertise and valuable understanding of how a presentation deck should be structured, but most importantly, how it should be pitched.
  1. Branding
  • LP and his team remodel his clients’ LinkedIn profile page with a new banner, title, brio and a use of relevant industry keywords. Maximizing his clients’ SEO will maximize their conversion rate by up to 10%.
  1. Targeting Strategy
  • Customized marketing strategy is at the fore with C4G. LP and his team take time to listen to his clients’ needs and will happily create custom target lists to focus on their specific desires.
  1. Conversion Strategy
  • Once all targets have been settled, the team use their Stent.io app and enable organic LinkedIn connection invites, generating discussion about a client’s brand. Stent is particularly important as it allows clients to manage the campaign on their own.

“If one of our partners is looking for a sponsor/partner in the apparel industry for example, we can easily target every marketing, sponsorship and partnership decision maker of every single apparel brand in a specific region with a specific message.”

The Esports Marketing Team

The selling point here however isn’t their four-point plan, but LP and his team.

Throughout speaking to him, it was clear that he wasn’t trying to sell me anything or just wanted some promotion. His passion was evident and his eagerness to make C4G a big player in the esports market was clear after his recent appearance at ESI Digital. More than the company, you will want to work with LP and have him as part of your team.

“We know just how hard it is to have relevant conversations on a regular pace with brands out there.  That’s why we want to be there when a organisation is on the lookout for new commercial/visibility partners.”

C4G have lofty aspirations. They want to be the go-to company, the one that every esports org turns to when they need help and want to create new partnerships.

They are already working with the excellent Parabellum and Mirage esports team and are excited to explore more opportunities across North America and Europe.

C4G are new players in what will soon be one of the biggest markets in the world. If you are looking to take your organization to the next level, check out C4G below:




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