Fights in Tight Spaces Full Launch Is Coming December 2nd, PS5 and Xbox Series X Versions Also Coming

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British developers Ground Shatter have announced Fights in Tight Spaces’ full launch is closer than you think.

Fights in Tight Spaces Full Launch Is Coming December 2nd, PS5 and Xbox Series X Versions Also Coming

Play Your Cards Right

The card-based game has been in Steam early access since February, but the full version will launch on December 2nd 2021. Don’t panic if you’re not on PC, versions for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will launch alongside it. This is sure to please console gamers in a week full of fresh announcements for them.

A Truly Unique Game

Fights in Tight Spaces is a difficult game to describe. The game combines deck-building, turn-based tactics and fully animated fight sequences all wrapped up in a Superhot-style aesthetic. Players can choose from over 200 cards to build their deck and learn to balance their hand, momentum and positioning to survive.

Ground Shatter have made a host of changes since the early access release:

  • More moves, cards, levels, enemies and bosses have been introduced
  • New starter decks to start your experience
  • A complete UI overhaul
  • Balance changes and tweaks
  • Improved relays
  • New music

All these additions are supplementing the vast array of features carried over from the original release:

  • Control the Space: Use the environment against your adversaries
  • Train your Abilities: Build a deck to suit your play style, upgrade your moves and equip your agent with a range of enhancements
  • Protect High-Value Targets: Use your skills and abilities as you act as bodyguards to VIPs
  • Endless Threats: With a new mission each time you play, evolve your tactics, unlock new possibilities, and perfect your strategy to defeat the criminal underworld

Sit Up and Take Notice

Feedback for Fights in Tight Spaces on Steam already has been very encouraging. It has received a ‘Very Positive’ score on Steam over the last nine months, with the vast majority of players recommending it.

Ground Shatter also has a strong history of their own. In 2019, they released the popular FPS Rico which combined engaging action with a beautiful graphic style. Publishers Mode 7 have also worked on the popular Frozen Synapse series as well as Tokyo 42 and The Colonists.



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