Nintendo Switch OLED Model Officially Revealed

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Nintendo has finally followed up on the long-running rumors of a newer Nintendo Switch model.  No, it’s not the Nintendo Switch Pro, it is the Nintendo Switch OLED Model.  As the name might suggest the main selling point of this model is the 7-inch OLED screen which promises a crisp and vivid gameplay experience.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model isn’t just a bigger screen though, there are a few minor improvements to the console that some Switch owners may be interested to hear.  The stand at the back of the console is now a wider, adjustable stand instead of one stationary leg.  This is a minor quality of life improvement but one that I and many others will welcome.

Another pleasant improvement is that the OLED model will have 64 GB of internal storage which is double what the standard model has, this is another welcome change as many Switch owners will be familiar with the pain of having to archive games in order to get some newer ones as the memory fills up fast.  In addition, the OLED model has enhanced audio with speakers now located at the front of the console to provide the best sound possible for Switch players.

Last Word On Gaming Viewpoint

The new Switch model is releasing in October which gives Nintendo a chance to shill the new model for the holiday season which is the optimum time to shift as many units as possible.

For those who already own a Nintendo Switch, there is little reason to make the move to a newer model unless you desperately need a bigger screen or better audio, but for those looking to buy their first Nintendo Switch, this model will provide some nice quality of life improvements without breaking the bank as it’s currently set to sell for $349.99 according to Nintendo’s website.



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Alex Richards, Site Manager
Alex Richards, Site Manager
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