CS:GO IEM Summer 2021 Playoffs: Vitality favourites to win the tournament

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OG and G2 have a bye. Therefore, their roads to the final are significantly easier. However, despite playing flawlessly through their respective groups, their histories might hold them back from becoming favorites in this eSports tournament.

OG are the most middle of the pack team in CS:GO right now. They consistently beat teams their level and below, but fail to take down the teams that compete for tournament wins week in and week out. In this tournament, they beat a NiP team that has not sorted themselves out with their new star: dev1ce. And, they beat a decent Virtus Pro and a decent Evil Geniuses. These are not unimpressive wins, but they are not convincing of OG’s status as one of the top teams and a favorite for this tournament.

G2, on the other hand, have a history of winning ways and competing in every match they play, no matter the opponent. They have not lost this tournament and all things considered, it has not been the most difficult road against Extra Salt and Fun Plus Phoenix. However, this is a French team that has some of the best firepower in the scene. When they’re online, they’re online. A 2-0 against Vitality to lock in their bye is just one example. Look for them to make a run to the finals.

Gambit Still With a Target on Their Backs

Although Gambit took a tough 2-0 loss to Vitality in the second round of the upper bracket, they pulled through in the lower bracket and grabbed the third playoff spot from Group A. They entered the tournament the clear favorite, holding HLTV’s number one world ranking spot, but Dmitry ‘sh1ro’ Sokolov and company did not show their usual dominance.

However, their first matchup should be a walk in the park. The skill gap between Gambit and Evil Geniuses is significant, and Gambit will most certainly have their eyes set on G2 in the second round. Gambit, although not a one seed in this playoff, will be the team other teams fear the most. Gambit’s road to the final is one they certainly like, and there is not a single matchup that would make anybody worry about Gambit. G2 has not had previous successes against Gambit. In fact, they have faced each other three times since February and Gambit has come out on top both times. A total of six maps were played across three meetings. G2 came away with only one. G2 are on the rise, and are starting to really find their groove since benching Kenny ‘kennyS’ Schrub, but Gambit might roll over them in their path to the grand prize.

Cannot Hide From ZyWoo and Vitality

Vitality have ZyWoo and he is a game-changer. They lost a very tight matchup to their rival Frenchmen in G2, but these matches are always tight and they swing either way. Without having to face G2 until the finals, which Gambit will most likely make impossible, Vitality should have a very good shot of winning it all.

Vitality already sit at +1.90 in their first-round matchup against Virtus Pro according to odds comparison site esportsbettingtop.com. These odds do not respect Vitality, nor does it respect their previous form. Vitality is a favorite to win this tournament alongside Gambit and G2; the grand finals will be a combination of these three teams. At that point, however, anything goes.

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