FM24 Winter Update Best Right Back Wonderkids to Sign

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This Best Right Back wonderkids to Sign guide will help you pick up some of the best young full-backs following the massive FM24 winter update which added real life transfers, injuries, and changed some player ratings to weaken or strengthen players based on their play.

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FM24 Winter Update Top 5 Right Back Wonderkids to Sign Guide

Michael Kayode

Italian project Michael Kayode has been on the the radar of players since the beginning and the Fiorentina man has retained his standing through the latest update. As far as RB prospects go he is the best of the best.

Rico Lewis

So good that he’s managed to force his way into the Manchester City picture, Rico Lewis has high potential and high current ability in-game. He’s basically neck and neck with Kayode with variances in each save being the only way to seperate the two as prospects.

Tino Livramento

Continuing a relatively straightforward, and Premier League heavy list, Newcastle’s Livramento has been tipped as a breakout star since his days as an academy player at Chelsea. He generally stays near the level of Lewis and Kayode which is impressive given their massive potential.

Conor Bradley

An expected name on the list, Liverpool have had a number of talents breakout in the past season or two with Northern Irish youngster Bradley becoming a strong RB option whenever Trent Alexander-Arnold isn’t available.

Filippo Missori

Rounding out the top 5 is a return to Italy with Sassuolo’s 19-year-old product Missori. His potential is just a step below the other four on the list but he generally become an elite full back to anchor the right side of the pitch.

Honourable Mentions

  • Antoine Mendy
  • Martim Fernandes (potential bargain)
  • Enoch Mastoras (possible bargain)
  • Hector Fort
  • Elias Jelert
  • Malo Gusto
  • Tommaso Barbieri
  • Noa Mikic
  • Xavi Grande
  • Alessio Buttaro
  • Timothee Pembele
  • Ilario Monterisi
  • Emil Holm
  • Brandon Soppy
  • Elijah Dijkstra

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That is all for this FM24 best right back wonderkids to sign guide for the Winter Update. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Football Manager 2024 content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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