Valorant Sunset Map Quick Guide and Preview

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Valorant just released a new map called “Sunset” and it is set in the city of Los Angeles. The map is still new so we’ll just take a look at the map layout and see how the map will play out.

The map is simple as promised. There is no gimmick, just a door switch in market. Because of its simplicity and the door switch, it really gives off Ascent vibes.

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Sunset Map Preview

A Site

The site is quite small, but the planting area is large. It almost encompasses the whole site. There are 3 entrances, 2 for the attacker and 1 for the defender side. You can go from A Elbow or A Man to reach the site.

B Site

The overall area of this site is huge. There is a broken tower in the middle of the site just like in Split and the spike plant area is around the tower. You can go Ring Around the Rosie with your enemy here. Just like in the A site there are 3 entry points. There is B Main, B Market and B Boba (There is a milk tea shop there hence the name).


This will be the most contested area of the map. You control mid, you control the game. There is a structure in the center of the Courtyard and a door switch in B Market and that’s about it. There will be a lot of early battles from Mid Top and Mid Bottom for sure. The Attacker can also do a split. They can go from Market to the B site.

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Overall it looks like a boring map to be honest. There is no gimmick or anything to keep it interesting but it does not mean it won’t be a great map. Ascent is boring but it feels great to play and the pros love that map. 


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