The Best Teams in NBA 2K League History

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The NBA 2K League is an initiative that has existed since 2018 to pit the best NBA 2K players against one another. The league has been backed by the NBA itself and Developers 2K Games and has expanded to 25 teams as of October 2022. Despite its short lifespan, some teams have emerged as strong contenders to be the best teams in NBA 2K League history. In this article, we will be looking at who has been the best of the best in the past 6 years.

Best Teams in NBA 2K League History

What is the NBA 2K League

The NBA 2K League is a tournament using the latest NBA 2K release by 2K Games to pit teams against one another. The games have aired on Twitch since the league’s inception with others like YouTube, ESPN, and even NBA TV joining the fray over the years.

Originally the league only used standard 5 vs 5 basketball games to decide the winner with teams having to survive an earlier round and eventually battle it out in a playoff, much like the real NBA. In recent years however, we have seen the league grow to include 3 vs 3 modes with a separate championship for 5 vs 5 gameplay and 3 vs 3 gameplay.

The eSports realm has been a stomping ground for betting, much like real sports, with some like a social sweepstakes casino joining the fray and offering odds on video game matches. With that out of the way, let’s run down a list of the best teams in NBA 2K League history.

Wizards District Gaming

So far our first and only back-to-back winners in league history. This team represents the Washington Wizards NBA team. While the on-field Wizards have suffered through some poor seasons and are currently going through a rebuilding period spearheaded by Jordan Poole, their digital counterparts have been winning it all.

The WDG team won the 2020 and 2021 5 v 5 titles. Their success was led by 2020 league and finals MVP Dayfri, who is now the coach of his hometown Mavs Gaming team. They also boasted a coach of the year winner and an all-league second-team player.

This dynasty almost had a third championship to their name as they made their way to the league final in 2022, only to fall to Bucks Gaming.

Bucks Gaming

The 2022 5v5 champions Bucks Gaming represent the Milwaukee Bucks NBA Franchise. Much like the deer who captured the real NBA title with Ginanis Antetekounmpo at the helm, their gaming team has etched its name in the history books.

In only their second playoff appearance since 2018, the group managed to capture the title in a 4-game series against the dynasty Wizards District Gaming. The Bucks had a strong 2022 draft, making use of the second and fourth picks in the first round to add CooksIverson and JohnnyRed respectively. They then added former sixth-man of the year Dawsix with the 14th overall pick to complete a legendary draft that secured them a championship.

Dux Gaming

After being added as an expansion team in 2022, it didn’t take long for the Mexican representatives to hit the ground running. The club is known for its work in the FIFA circuit but they took to NBA like a duck to water, claiming the 3v3 championship in just their second season in the league. They did so by defeating the inaugural 3v3 champions Pistons GT in a thrilling game 7.

While their 5v5 play is somewhat less consistent they have already established themselves as one of the premiere teams in 2K league for 3v3 gaming.


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