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This Inkbound classes guide aims to bring you everything you need to know about the various units in the game, their effects and what bindings become available to them. Inkbound is a co-op roguelike game that can be found over on Steam.

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Inkbound Classes

Magma Miner

How to Unlock: Base class available at all times

Features: Gain 1 stack of Heat when you hit an enemy up to 10 stacks:

    • Each stack gives +1 ability power
    • At 5 stacks receive +3 Shield
    • All stacks removed if you don’t damage an enemy

Bindings: Bonk – Deal 35 damage

  • Leaping Strike – Leap a long distance and deal 35 damage to an area
  • Smash – Deal 120 Damage


How to Unlock: Base class available at all times

Features: Gain 1 Shuriken at the start of every turn

  • Gain 1 Shuriken per unit you dash through
  • Some upgrades can provide extra Shurikens
  • Spend Shuriken to make Flurry more powerful

Bindings: Throw – Deal 35 Damage to enemies +15 Crit

  • Scavenger’s Dash – Dash a medium distance, inflict Marked, Gain 1 shuriken for each unit passed
  • Flurry – Deal 35 Damage, consume Shuriken and deal 35 Damage for each


How to Unlock: Base class available at all times

Features: Threads attach to enemies and bind them:

    • Every active thread adds +1 Shield up to +3
    • If all enemies are tethered gain +1 Will per turn

Bindings: Thread – Deal 10 Damage, inflict Threaded

  • Constrict – Deal 100 Damage split evenly across tethered enemies
  • Stitch – Deal 25 Damage to a Threaded enemy for each thread you have


How to Unlock: Complete The Obelisk quest

Features: Attacks inflict Crush:

    • On 3 stacks of Crush, enemy takes 50 physical damage

Bindings: Ironclap – Gain 1 Shield, Deal 10 Damage to a wide area of effect in front of you

  • Shield Bash – Deal 75 Damage, Dash to endpoint
  • Seismic Slam -Deal 65 Damage to ALL enemies

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How to Unlock: Complete the Clairvoyant quest

Features: Generate Psionic Charges to empower bindings and auras

  • Move your Shardglobe around the battlefield to surround units with auras
    • The Shardglobe has a hazard aura which deals 25 Damage to enemies in its area

Bindings: Telekinesis – Move Shardglobe dealing 20 Damage to enemies, allies gain +1 Shield

  • Psychic Pulse – Deal 50 Damage in a small area of effect around the Shardglobe. Gains 1 Psionic Charge
  • Spirit Bomb – Deal 50 Damage to huge area of effect. At full charge deals 150 Damage

That is all for this Inkbound classes guide. Is there anything we omit or anything you’d like to see from us in future? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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