Digimon World Next Order Biyomon Quest – How to Get Biyomon

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Biyomon is one of the base Digimon in Digimon World: Next Order, it is one of the first creatures you encounter and one of the first you can recruit. In this article, I will be taking a look at how to get Biyomon and how to complete the given quest for recruitment.

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How to Get Biyomon in Digimon Next Order

The Setup

In the Vast Plateau you can find the Biyomon atop a hill. It will tell you that she wants to learn how to fly. It is up to the player to recruit the right Digimon to help Biyomon achieve this.


You have to first recruit Birdramon in order to complete this quest. You can recruit Birdramon by defeating it in battle when it acts as the first guardian of Taomon. Birdramon is notably a Champion form of Biyomon, meaning Biyomon often evolve into Birdramon later in their lifespan.

With Birdramon recruited you can go back to speak with Biyomon again, this time she will join your team and you will complete the Biyomon quest.

A fairly straightforward one this time, this guide on how to get Biyomon should help anyone confused by the wording of the quest as it isn’t immediately clear what you can do to help Biyomon fly, now all you need to do is go and get yourself a Birdramon and complete the quest!

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