The Use of Life Now in Early Access

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The Use of Life, a solo developed “Choose your own adventure book” game from Daraneko Games is now in Early Access on Steam.

The Use of Life Early Access Now on Steam
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The Early Access was released on May 21st, 2022. Gamers playing through Early Access will be able to play through the first two chapters of The Use of Life. Decisions made in chapter 1 will affect chapter 2 and beyond. Games are encouraged to make decisions wisely as the game has multiple endings depending on decisions made throughout the game.

The developer will monitor gamer feedback to make improvements for the full release which is still being developed. Updates will take place for bug fixes, quality improvements, and game balance optimizations during the Early Access period. The first major update is currently planned to include:

  • Main scenario updates – new chapters for each story branch
  • Implementation of advanced classes
  • Implementation of a battle-to-the-death game mode

Feedback can be submitted directly through the game and Steam threads will be set up for feedback and discussion as well.

The game will rely heavily on in-game decisions and those decisions will change the main character’s stats and their way of thinking. The game also features TRPG-style dice rolling elements for events. Gamers also have the decision to through themselves into battle or play it safely as the game unfolds.

The battle system utilizes a combination of QTE action segments and battle command strategy. Gamers are given three actions per turn which forces them to think ahead and strategize as the battle rolls on.

Gamers can also customize powers to their personal preference via the in-game Curse EXP. Different powers and skills can be unlocked making combat customizable to each gamer’s liking.

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The Use of Life Early Access
The Use of Life is now in Early Access


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