FightSessions: Killer Instinct Winter Series Event 1 Results

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We have your FightSessions: Killer Instinct Winter Series Event 1 Results. The event will be a Double Elimination Tournament, so the competitors will be matched up until each of them except one has lost twice. The event is available to watch free on the FightSessions twitch channel, at this link. FightSessions posts its upcoming cards on at

The event will include several Japanese players, a representative of Killer Instinct’s incredibly passionate and growing Japanese community.

FightSessions: Killer Instinct Winter Series Event 1 Blocks

The entrants in Block A will include Trevward, Thaluciandragon, lCharlieboy, VenenoFGC, FinalFlaco, gilgameshky, NightBlade467, PINEAHEAD88, and TGZ Blind.

Block B will feature entrants like Tyzo, LetalisVenator, ghostlyk, PAG Zenkai, Daa_Chronicle, Mackmane, Frodotbagginzz, and XiBassix.

The entrants in Block C are DbabynTrish, VenomBuster, KD_DirtyDiesel, Supertiger15, Teethe_squeezer1, GeremyKatoXx, Yuntea, and DragonBladeIce.

Finally, the entrants in Block D are TGZ Svm, Sk8FastEatAss, WiXing_Water, SWKxNJ, YaLadHotShot, Bekitos1301, Thrash Heavy and WheelsFGC.

Killer Instinct is available on Microsoft Windows, and XBOX 1. The latest entry in the popular fighting game franchise by Double Helix Games, Iron Galaxy and Rare, it was released in 2013, but recieved support in the form of DLC characters through to 2017. It is the home of famous video game characters like Jago, Fulgore and Orchid.

FightSessions: Killer Instinct Winter Series Event 1 Results

As the card develops these results will be updated to show who eliminates who. A player is only fully eliminated if they are defeated twice. A player who is defeated once may keep going till they are eliminated again.

CHAMPION: Daa_Chronicle

2. XiBassiX

3. Sk8Fast

4. CrazySkateNate

5. Tyzo


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