Balatro Decks Guide – Rules & How to Unlock

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This Balatro decks guide will run through the variety of decks available in the game currently and will talk about how to unlock them. The game described as a “poker roguelite” over on Steam has made the jump to a full release. Let’s not wait around and jump into this Balatro decks guide.

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Balatro Decks Guide – How to Unlock Each Deck

  • Red Deck – +1 Discard every round: Base deck that does not need to be unlocked
  • Blue Deck – +1 Hand every round: Discover at least 20 items for your collection
  • Yellow Deck – Start with an extra $10: Discover at least 50 items for your collection
  • Green Deck – Don’t earn interest, Gain $2 per remaining hand $1 per remaining discard at the end of each round: Discover at least 75 items for your collection
  • Black Deck – +1 Joker Slot but -1 hand every round: Discover at least 100 items for your collection
  • Magic Deck – Start a run with the Crystal Ball voucher and 2 copies of The Fool: Win a run with the red deck on any difficulty
  • Nebula Deck – Start a run with the Telescope Voucher but -1 consumable slot: Win a run with the Blue Deck on any difficulty
  • Ghost Deck – Spectral Cards may appear individually in the shop, start with a Hex Card: Win a run with the Yellow Deck on any difficulty
  • Abandoned Deck – Start with no Face Cards in deck: Win a run with the Green Deck on any difficulty
  • Checkered Deck – Start a run with 26 spades and 26 hearts: Win a run with the Black Deck on any difficulty
  • Zodiac Deck – Start a run with vouchers for Tarot Merchant, Planet Merchant and Overstock: Win a run with any deck on Red Stake difficulty or higher
  • Painted Deck – +2 Hand Size, -1 Joker Slot: Win a run with any deck on Green Stake difficulty or higher
  • Anaglyph Deck – After defeating each boss blind you gain a double tag: Win a run with any deck on Black Stake difficulty or higher
  • Plasma Deck -Balance Chips and Mult when calculating score for played hand. Base Blind size doubled: Win a run with any deck on Blue Stake difficulty or higher
  • Erratic Deck – All banks and suits in deck are randomized: Discover at least 110 items for your collection
  • Braided Deck – Most played hand starts at Level 3: Discover at least 130 items for your collection
  • Silver Deck – Start run with one Joker: Discover at least 170 items for your collection
  • Foil Deck – Add foil to 3 random cards: Discover at least 180 items for your collection
  • Holographic Deck – Add Holographic to 2 random cards: Discover at least 190 items for your collection
  • Polychrome Deck – Add Polychrome to 1 random card: Discover at least 200 items for your collection
  • Final Deck: Win a run with any deck on the Orange Stake difficulty or higher

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That is all for this Balatro Decks guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Balatro content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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